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Schwinn YO! Scooter Mid 1980's Old School This is the real deal! Schwinn YO! FreeStyle / Flatland Scooter I believe this is from 1985 or 1986. I got it from a friend over 10 years ago and it has been sitting around collecting dust. I got it out and put

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ok... basic answer.. TV will not exist.. cable TV as we know it now, is going to be obsolete soon... everything will be on the internet.. and they will find ways to make money off of it.. there will be law on the internet.. i hate to see it happen.. ... more »

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my best guess.. is this... you will pop in a contact lens.. and guess what? that's your whole fucking iphone right there... there will still be a market for watching moves and shit on a large screen like you do now.. but it will be more 3d etc.. the ... more »

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freestyle bikes died off in about 2001... crazy world we live in..

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O P plays runescape.. but he doesn't want to admit it.. which ironically wouldn't even be too bad, because no one even knows what it is... that's all i have to say for now..

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FVCK... I was about to ask my roommate what a rocktail was.. because he fvcking fishes.... good thing i didn't.. what is fucking runescape??

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actually.. is this guy a "punk ass kid" or your friend?

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why are you contradicting yourself?? his friend.. took his bike parts and made an Easter egg hunt out of them.. the op asked out his friend's girl... you want him to file felony theft charges against his friend after he stepped to his friends ex girlfriend... ... more »

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i smoked for about 10 years.. i quit in august.. i smoked mostly marlboro 27s. and special blends too.. in the early days it was camel turkish golds...

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this story is funny... you may still be on good terms with him somewhat, and learned a lesson.. also, you said you asked her out.. what was her response? how did he even find out?

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post up a picture.. or make a video of you cutting it open and post it on youtube, then we can figure it out..

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One of the things that I learned when I was younger was to not even look at my bike when I fall off doing a trick and it is bouncing away on the pavement. Believe it or not, it looked cool.. And still does.. Recently I have been riding.. and I have messed ... more »

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I had a purple care-bears bike that was my sister's, and she had quit riding it.. i just started riding it one day.. then i got a murray 20 inch bmx style bike with a coaster brake for $10 at a garage sale that broke in half on me several years later..

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i learned how to do barspins about 12 years ago.. then didn't ride a bike for 10 years.. i recently got my bike out and started messing around with it. i wish i would have learned how to do a barspin without putting one of my feet on the pegs and pinching ... more »

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if at first you don't succeed, give up... seriously though.. a lot of people don't get high their first time.. i hate getting high it makes me socially awkward, inhibited, paranoid, nervous, etc.. it has lost all of its fun for me..

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most people are haters.. you will realize that later in life.. people like to hate on other people who are different than them.. i am considered weird because i don't hate on other people and can hang out with all different groups..

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i think i am way older than most people in here... Most people call me their "IT Guy" or "computer guy".. i do just about everything.. mostly make sure that people can get email at all times of day and night on their phones, computers, laptops, etc.. ... more »

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i just got a used dirt-jumper bike.. specialized p.1. i like it.. this is a good bike to transition from bmx/freestyle into something bigger.. Rocky Mountain Flow DJ it is a $1500 bike for about ... more »

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drugs and alcohol are fun. but then you do them too much, and then start to think you need them.. that's where it goes down-hill. overall, its all pretty much a waste of time. and you end up hanging out with people who have addiction problems and no ... more »

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is that a standard razor scooter.. or do they make stronger, better ones? or do they do custom reinforcements on those?