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everyone needs to stop hating on him and his frame this kid is 13 and he does double backflips,360 double tailwhips, 360 back flip and stuff and i bet all the ppeople who commented on this could never even compete with him

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hey i loved your neww pollution you did the pet grave digger in the woods with the shovel

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hey dan i was wondering how you first got sponsored

Added a comment about photo my diamondback skindog 3/7/2010 8:16 PM
my diamondback skindog

nice dr.pepper sticker on the bike in the backround

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dude your insanely good im as old as you and i couldnt even imagine bein that good!! YOUR MY IDOL

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bmxers get arested for ridin in skate parks so they protest

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how does that guy do that turn out thing

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like every one else says just pretty much keep riding and practicing and your bunny hop will just keep getting higher

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what was he drinking at the beggiing!!!!!!

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nice laugh at the very end but anyways props to you that was sick

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