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ok i was trying to 180 today and i couldnt do it for shit. i would be going slow then turn my head and i would do like a 90 every time and my foot would like jump of the pedal everytime. ? can some1 give me advice to learn them

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thnx for all the replys

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i gotta do a skool project and i gotta make a survey. so if you could only choose 1 brand what would you say is the best BMX brand?

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what is some good pranks/ bad ideas that r funy and fun

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LMFAO So your a loose cannon. I am a ticking fucking time bomb!

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there best ever, never wear out

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i broke it

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how long does it take to heal, its soo gay

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"that's a nice look'n bike son. What is that a Huffy?" I'm just mess'n. I got you down as a friend but I don't know shit about you. Hit me back when you get a chance. L8

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i have a stolen team crank, so all i need to do is buy a mid sealed bb and i have all i need, and the cups will fit

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i have a unsealed mid bb, if i buy a sealed one do u replace the cups that wedge in the frame

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i get my stolen team cranks tomorow, r they good

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mine is 6 and so is all my friens

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idk i never noticed

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theres my bike, but i got new paint on i tnow
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new paint n parts

is that a haro f2

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