Olivine is known by many names. Besides its actual mineral names, forsterite and fayalite, it is known as "chrysolite", "evening emerald" and peridot.

The term chrysolite is an old German name that was applied to gemmy olivine, but now is only sometimes used to refer to light yellowish green olivine.

Evening emerald is a name given to olivine's gemstone variety, peridot, by some jewelers in some attempt to increase the apparent value of the stones.

Olivine's gemstone variety is known as peridot. Peridot is the birthstone of August and is usually a very affordable colored gemstone.

Peridot has its own unique green-yellow color that is different from emerald. The best colored peridot has an iron percentage less than 15% and includes nickel and chromium as trace elements that may also contribute to the best peridot color. Peridot is a colorful, affordable and attractive gemstone.

Physical characteristics:
Color is a light near emerald green to the more common pale yellowish green; also found colorless, greenish brown to black. A near colorless specimen is likely nearly pure forsterite, while a greenish-brown to black specimen may approach pure fayalite in composition. Anything in-between is olivine.

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