Tiger eye is a semiprecious quartz gem that has a vertical luminescent band like that of a tiger's eye. To achieve the effect of tiger's eye, veins of parallel blue asbestos fibers are first altered to iron oxides and then replaced by silica. The gem has a rich yellow to yellow-brown or brown color.wholesale jewelry This beautiful gemstone has been known to man for millennia and has been used to ward off evil, illness and evil doers. For those that are not into the spiritual meaning of Tiger eye, it is still a very interesting and intriguing gemstone. Tiger eye is formed from the mineral of Quartz. Quartz is the most common mineral on earth and makes up 12% of the world’s crust. Quartz is created from Silicon Dioxide and Tiger eye always includes iron oxide. Quartz can be found in most regions of the world, however gem grade Quartz is found in far fewer places. Usually Tiger eye can be found near iron bands. These iron bands can mix with many elements to give it wonderful color.handmade jewelry For instance, Tiger eye consists of trace elements of iron in it. This helps create the beautiful shapes of honey or yellow and brown. Tiger eye is fibrous in nature and very silky to the touch. It should also be noted that there is a synthetic Tiger eye that can be made from plastic or other lower cost minerals or even from small filaments of plastic that create a fiber optic type of eye. This gemstone can be found mainly in South Africa; however, Tiger eye is also known to form in smaller quantities in Canada, China, Brazil, the USA, India and Burma.fashion jewelry

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