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if it helps make it any cheaper i've got a coupla old motorola razors sitting around. i know several people on the Boost $50 a month unlimited everything plan and like it. i went by the space today and they have not done one single damned thing. no wonder ... more »

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thaught you took care of the cracking frame already? shit i can't keep shit straight. GET A DAMNED PHONE ALREADY...ken....

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hows the building looking? one of my buddies that has a truck offered to help move stuff to the shop when the time comes.

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so OP tell us how they resolved it. i love to hear stories of deals made right...ken....

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there was a dispute open for 2 weeks without a response to paypal on his end. the day after i mentioned my va beach/norfolk connection there was a response and refund was granted. coulda been crazy timing i guess. the real issue is your friend has a ... more »

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you don't have to go to able's, dan's for cheap prices there are decent lbs that want to help. i know because i'm a few weeks out from opening one. you ran into someone who is doing nothing but screwing themselves out of future business. give a customer ... more »

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get that frame warrantied and part it out. i think you'd probably make more money going that route. try to sell it for enough to get the bike you were talking about plus have a little cash to bank. take that banked cash and buy some other shit to flip ... more »

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does your receipt say that they put s&m forks on it? if so they have committed FRAUD. kindly go in cell phone and number to your local police in hand and tell them they have a choice of making it right or you're stepping outside and calling police ... more »

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sounds like a killer plan to me. and i wouldnt imagine cleaning a bike being too difficult but i can dail in a bmx bike or simple mtb in no time at all. so probably road bikes and geared bikes or some types of brakes is all i would ever need help with. make some fliers for it and ill post them up at all the area skateparks and such, we could possibly do that as a fund raiser to get the shop going faster.

and yeah the master is the only thing wrong with it, its not lifted or anything so there wouldnt be anything insane about insuring it.

also, would you be interested in coming on our second yearly rays mtb trip to cleveland?

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keep diggin back. it ain't nothin' new.,17/iridebmxeveryday-owes-me-a-frame,1068819 i did get my money back after mentioning that my car club is based out of va beach and does LOTS of work on the local ... more »

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oh i'm gonna swing by all the local shops and "browse" and see what their prices are for those services soon to...ken....

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alright the condensed version: i was thinking of doing a grand opening special tune up/dial in for like $10. most shops get $15-30. in reality a tune up/dial takes like half an hour or so and the only cost involved to the shop is a little oil for lubing shit up. maybe even expand and do a clean/tune for like $20 which i think most other shops charge $40-50 for. my thought was maybe do a dual deal where i could get a few in and you come in do the work and like a buck or two per goes to the shop and the rest goes to the shop to cover expenses and supplies and the rest goes in you pocket cash money. if we could get a few bikes in a day you could cut about what you'd make at a shitty part time job that wouldn't be nearly as fun. maybe even make it at fri/sat special so it mostly gets packed in those two days either way if we did a $8/$2 split and you did 3 a day that like $25 cash in your pocket for a coupla hours work.
90s rangers were decent trucks. a master shouldn't be much at all for that truck. if that is indeed all it needs. insurance and registration will hit you harder than anything.
whatta you think about the idea?

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sounds good to me. but im selling my bike for sure, but im not sure if the money is going into the bank or into buying my buddies mtb i was talking to you about. just lately i have gotten super bored with riding, and i want to try something new. i was pretty sure me working your shop wasnt going to be an option, although it would be sweet as hell. but im interested to hear your plan, and you are completely correct, i have no clue what you could possibly mean. haha. i bet it sucks dealing with finding a place when everything is working against you like it is.

speaking of trucks, in an unbiased opinion, do you think getting a 90's model single cab 2x4 ford ranger that needs a new master cylinder (brake related) would be a smart buy for 400 bucks?

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i might have a little plan to help you make some cash in association with opening the shop. it's an idea i've been tossing around. in all honesty think about it and you ain't gonna get enough outta selling your bike to make much of a difference but not having a bike will make a difference in your life. i'll be broke as fuck and not able to pay anybody to work the shop but the idea i have is shop related. that probably makes no sense but you'll completely understand when i run it by you. I'm STILL waiting on the realestate guy to get back with me on how long it'll take to get the spot ready. i sold my 60 ford truck and my canoe i never use this week. took a loss on the truck but i'm still about a grand up from where i was last week...ken....

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the girl i have been hanging out with has some in her house that are like 4 feet and look like something you would see at a jewery store or something. they have light fixtures to go on the ceiling above them also. and yeah i think im selling my bike soon, i need to find a way to have an income and get done with school and all so that i can get my life set up because ill be on the streets the day after i turn 18 according to my mom. and im about to get a prepaid phone in the next week or so.

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other than i wouldn't mind picking up a small one at some point i'm pretty good on cases. those two i picked up in charlotte are pretty big. i'll grab a cheap 3 or 4 footer at some point if one comes along. i only paid $60 each for the two i got which is rediculous. i stopped by the store fixture supply place after i bought themt o get so peg hooks and shit and they offered me double what i paid. the exact one there was $375 each haha. the owners are supposed to be getting back with me with when they can have the spot in hickory ready. i got a possible offer to throw your way maybe. biggest catch is you gotta get you a damned phone but we could probably work something. i'll run it past you soon....ken....

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i found you 3 super nice display cases near my house in hudson with lighting and all kinds of stuff but they want $500 for the 3....

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haha dude i have no idea what the first comment meant at all. but yeah i guess this makes the second time that bp has went under. i dont see how though, every time i go there are a million little skate rats everywhere. and yeah the shop moved back to the original shopping center it was in and changed the name to "_____ride shop". i dont remember exactly what it was called.

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anyhow $3500 a month for rent is crazy overhead. by the time you add in electric, insurance, upkeep, etc you gotta pull a coupla hundred bucks cash a day no questions and then somebody has to get paid to run the joint. i heaqrd rumor of this and the BP shop is supposedly changing it's name to....ken....

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hahahaha didn't i say just a few weeks ago this shit was coming hahahha.
oh and put the fucking pipe

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