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Reply to SELLING BARS! 8/18/2009 7:36 PM

15 -actually i think my brother has paypal. when he gets home ill ask him about it. if not i could always send cash i just dont wanna get screwed over or anything yeah know?

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Id buy em..but im not near a post office to get a money order.

Reply to Bars? 8/18/2009 5:55 PM

how would i get you payment? i dont have paypal..cause i dont have a bank account.

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Reply to Bars? 8/18/2009 5:00 PM

I dunno - never used big bars. Ive been using these bent bars from a FIT AM for a few months..

Reply to SKIDMARK 8/18/2009 2:47 PM not going either i got other shit goin on.

Reply to I HATE COPS AND PUSSY SK8ERS!!!!!!!! 8/18/2009 12:37 PM

How the fuck do you not dodge getting hit by a thrown bike?

Reply to Video Of Me Riding!!! 8/17/2009 9:00 PM

good stuff. altho im sick of hearing that song during edits..its overused waaay to much. "6:10"

Reply to anyone got any vital clothes? 8/17/2009 5:25 PM

well you asked if anyone got any vital clothes shit...

Reply to anyone got any vital clothes? 8/17/2009 5:20 PM

yeh. a bunch of vital logos that form a sony vx2100 sadly...its to big for me its a adult medium...

Reply to Good Question 8/17/2009 2:10 PM

throwin up

Reply to Bikes On A Plane!!! 8/17/2009 10:05 AM could just ship your bike in a box UPS....damn it would only be like $15-20

Reply to zune or ipod 8/16/2009 9:29 PM

zunes take a bigger beating. amd are scratch resistant because they use glass instead of plastic.

Reply to very funny not bmx. 8/16/2009 9:24 PM

hahaha my pants ripped down the crotch today while riding too.

Reply to Another Freecoaster Question... 8/16/2009 3:56 PM

theres no noise from a fc.

Reply to fucking BB 8/16/2009 11:22 AM

Reply to fucking BB 8/16/2009 11:09 AM

oi you hear about the new rollercoaster for kennywood next year? oh and take cranks of and inspect BB...sounds like your BB might need replaced. or chain is too tight.

Reply to Back! 8/15/2009 6:50 PM

did you get any tricks dialed in while up at woodward? i hear people learn alot when they go.

Reply to gnarly night time trails!! 8/15/2009 6:47 PM

i love riding at night

Reply to SPROCKET -W A R- Animal vs Profile 8/15/2009 6:42 PM

the profile is REALLY good. i had one in 33t and it never bent or broke any teeth.