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thanks dude. weather is a fucking bummer, our local skatepark was just about dry and clear of snow... but now there is another 7-14 inches in the forecast. fuck this snow shit

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I'm loving my fit bf in silver, looks good grips good, can't go wrong

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pbosko's MacNeil
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BSD Bike Check
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Custom WTP
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Mother Ship V2
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Ive been jammin king fantastic lately, any other fans here on vital? Check it out, good shit for sure.

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thanks man, im gonna get a tanwall on the rear as soon as this tires shot.

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Fame: Mutiny rune 21 Forks: Macneil cks Headset: Sputnic Stem: Fit BF Bars: Macneil XLT Grips: Cult VANS Cranks: Subrosa bitchin BB: Shadow Pedals: Stolen thermalite Sprocket: oddesy burlington 27t Front wheel: Primo N4FL laced to Primo 7 series Rear

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Got a little green
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went all out, bought a new frame, cranks, sprocket, stem, pedals, chain, grips. Getting ready to true wheels and shine everything up in a little bit, sooo happy the snow is melting!

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Yeah true that, I was just wishing it would work yah know. I'll have to head town to my lbs and see what they got for the time being.

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i am only wondering because i saw that mutiny cinch cranks are 2.5 peice sd and come with a sd sprocket available in rhd or lhd.

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so the issue is my pedals coming loose from having it set up rhd? and im kinda fucked because the sd sprocket has no bolt hole?

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Aren't they lhd/rhd?? What difference would it make anyways? If they are wrong I havnt pressed them together anyways but I have a rhd primo mix so I sure hope it works lol

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i got home last night to find a much awaited box from dans comp on my doorstep. I am sitting at work just waiting to go put the rest of it together, but heres a list of parts i got mutiny rune 21 in black subrosa bitchin 175 matte grey tree lite 28t

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