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Is this the same Ben Lorson who's ex girlfriend is sharing on instagram pics of the many times where he bashed the s**t out of her? If that's true then you're lower than slug mucus.

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That's awesome man, I'm in the same boat. Older guy getting into it. Fear is definitely my biggest issue... I just get a complete mental block that won't even let me attempt something often when I know it's totally safe... Anyway I'm also pushing through ... more »

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Amazing thread. If this is trolling, it's trolling of the highest calibre.

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I'm surprised Dugan came up some many times here... I met him not that long ago and got nothing but chill respectful vibes from him... sure he's a loose cannon, but seemed like a cool guy to me...

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Thanks guys I learned double pegs a while back and everyone said feebles were easier but I just couldn't get my head around pulling up the front higher than the back and then grinding like that.... But now I can do them I can see what they mean about ... more »

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Pathetic, but for some reason I had a complete mental block preventing me from even attempting this for months.... anyway after weeks of chipping away at small half assed attempts I finally landed a one on a little local ledge this morning.... then another.... ... more »

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Yes 100% agree with what Pete said above. If you're travelling that far on flat ground it MIGHT be ok, but hills are going to frustrate the crap out of you (and hurt your knees). Get a cheap commuter bike + a BMX, you'll be much happier. I'm also from ... more »

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Yeah I saw that! And a couple of times going over the small ramps he couldn't help himself but pull up the front wheel off the ground. I know he's dying to get some air again! :-D I'm so freaking stoked on this, yeah give him a few more months and he'll ... more »

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Awesome info man, thanks. I'm heading into the local bmx shop (LUX at Brisbane, Australia) today and I'll see what they've got.

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That's where it's at man... don't let the Instagram and youtube world pressure you into thinking you should be doing something more than you are... BMX is meant to be fun, as soon as you're not having fun stop and revaluate. :-)

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For kids I don't think it would matter much unless they were really pushing the bike to its limits. For adults and big dudes like me you need the highest strength to weight ratio as possible... just see my latest post haha

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So this happened yesterday... Landed a bunnyhop and heard a loud CRACK then lost control of the bike and came down hard on my shoulder... I'm 99% sure I've cracked a rib on the side I landed. I've broken ribs a couple of times before and luckily this

... more »

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Yeah Seth's channel is one of the best. He mostly rides mountain bikes but he's pretty dam good on a BMX too... he can bunny hop over picnic tables like a G!

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haha that would be hilarious. Although not really saying much, I think even I could take them both out.

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This 100%. Adam is way older and the owner of the business where it happened. If he was so offended by Augie he should have told him to leave and that he wasn't welcome back...

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100% for the dawn patrol. I pretty much don't bother on a weekend after about 8:30am... our parks just become a sea of little kids on scooters.

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Some nice stickers there man

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I have had these on for about 6 weeks. Perfect. I got them because I have a couple of parks near here that have really smooth concrete and are slippery on some tyres.... not these, sticky AF. Light too.... makes a big difference.

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Dude I destroyed my back in one of those places... sore for weeks. I think you really need to build up to it, not go bananas first go like we did...