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hyper jiggawatt prototype #1

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Anything T1 is endless style, so cool mate!

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Dig that stem, WANT! So much radness in one bike

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They are all fucking shit, as OSS, 22 and the whole TCU is the worst thing ever to come into BMX. It's a fucking disgrace.

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If it's sealed bearings all round, full chromoly, BRAKES, and double walled rims, then find a bike what suits your geometry needs under that criteria and you'll be right.

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I dig a tall looking bike, all murdered out. Always have!!!

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Same here. Shit, we ran small bars and VERY small grips back in my day. Who cares now, ride what you need.

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I can't speak for the whole of BMX, but in Australia the scene is rad! Good spots, heaps of riders progressing and getting younger by the day. All rad. Flip it though, and my stupid small ass town doesn't have a LBS in my town, or for three towns over. ... more »

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Sometime it isn't all the bike, it's the rider. When I used to race, what got me better than anything else was racing more and getting more in tune and learning bike control more. This helps better than anything else. Get better at the holeshot line, ... more »

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Haha, right? Who cares? Bikes are light nowadays!

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Haha, fuk pegs! Killer ride

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Hey, Dillon here. Been riding for over 15 years now, BMX is my life. Chillin' boosting dirt and park, I do it everyday. Long time lurker, thought I'd join and have some fun on here.