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thanks !! helped me a lot !!

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I want to put the shadow b.t.r non drive side hub guard on my b.t.r hub , but first I need to remove the hub cone.. But it seems to be stuck I tryed to pull it out but it doesn't move... Please helpp

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Ok , thanks dudes

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Hello I want to order pair of fit faf tires and I want to ask which size I need to get to the front and the rear ? (2.25 the dirt version or the 2.3 ) I'm riding only street..

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Hello! I'm riding on Sunday second wave frame, 2009 (I think) with odyssey dirt forks. And I'm thinking to buy 2.4 tires So I wanted to ask,if the frame and the fork will receive 2.4 tire sizes ? And if not,what is the maximum tire size they get ?

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Nice tires


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Someone ride or rode on the bsd giraffic rise 9 ? and can tell how this bar? comfortable? n' stuff...

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