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The new Pedal Driven Cycles Operator 22" Frame.

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Be sure to add in the PDC Kool Thing 22 and the Operator 22 frames.

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BRAKES ALL DAY! Front and rear on my park bike and just rear on the bowl/trail bike!

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Check out Rider owned owned and operated. We sponsor some of the best guys in the southeast.

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There are loads of us in ATL and Athens Ga. Hit up the Atlanta BMX FB page.

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Not a ton of riders down there these days. There are a few guys that work in Perry.

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Love em! I actually have a signature from from Pedal Driven coming out this spring. Its more of a street geo 22" frame that will have a more aggressive geo.
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They had some issues and lost their distro in the US. Thats the long and short of it. Still a good company overall.

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Was sponsored by someone's mom at one point. So many mom's have come and gone its hard to remember which one now.

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A higher TPI rating will give you a stiffer casing to the tire. Wider rims support the side wall of the tire as well, allowing for less deformation under stress.

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Rim width, TPI and pressure all play a hand in the way a tire feels and handles.

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Got a hub. Thanks everyone!

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What do you want for it?

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Anyone out there?

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I have seen a guy use a Primo Pervert as a cable hanger. Said it took a ton of stretch out of the line.

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There are a lot of riders out there. Old guy session at 4th ward tonight!

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There used to be a few but most quit years ago.

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These are what I would kill for.