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that shits hilarious!

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hey, does any one out there know where i can get a replacement sticker set for a 2003 haro backtrail pro? i got the bike from my friend after he bought his eastern, but all the stickers are either faded, cracked, or missing cuz he left the damn thing ... more »

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i used to ride brakeless, but all the places i like to ride seem to be at the bottom of big-ass hils, and its nice to hit the brakes at the bottom instead of burning flat spots into my tires. i ride trails to so its nice to have brakes, but a gyro is ... more »

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the only thing i know about jersey is when my car was down there someone stole my engine hood and my rear speakers!

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first off yea baggy jeans get caught in bikes, secondly who cares if they want to wear tight pants if someone wants to be emo on a bike, let them sure ill make fun of them behind there back but im not going to tell them to shoot themselves over faggot

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Im damn fucking proud to be a stoner! it hasent warped my mind- that happend years ago! I havent sold my shit to pay for it, i havent taken up other drugs, yes i have done others, but that was before the weed. I dont sit on my ass all day, well sometimes

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my parents used to make me wear a helmet when i was little- but once i started using it as a battering ram, and started forgetting important dates, like my brothers birthday,they said forget it! I havent worn a helmet in ten years and im still fine.

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i guess it depends on what u r using it for. looks like it would work out pretty good for bmx race. might need a different chainwheel tho.

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i just let the shit pile on, and when i have to work on something i just wipe them off. im' not lazy, i just dont care.

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S&M Classic Dirtbike Frame



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hell ya! there arent many interesting places to ride where i live, and that shit keeps things interesting! you can go to the same place a hundred times, and as long as your trippin, it still crazy as hell! plus you arent as worryied about fuckin' yourself ... more »

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no, im just saying i would end up fuckig myself up on something like that. its crazy as fuck, but i think i would end up killing myself.

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damn, i would have hit the wall!

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hey, i ride my bike in the rain- of course there is more rust than paint. Hey, maby there is a

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holy shit! i dont know which would break first, me or my bike! but id shure as hell find out.

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my chain came off of like 10 different bikes, its chrome, black, and various shades of spray paint! Hell, i even have links from a 16 inch huffy kids bike! i had an interlock a while back and diddent notice a difference, accept the interlock looked WAAAAAY ... more »

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if you wont to make a freewheel hub louder, run some paint thinner or gas into it and work it agound a little it eats away at the grease and makes it click like a mother fucker. might want to run a little wd-40 into it so it dosent fuck up tho. and you ... more »

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Ha Ha