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oh shit I completely forgot about them even though I still occasionally do them… need to work on my extension 🙄

fast plant tailwhips are another I just remembered. on banks are cool but planting your feet on a tree or a wall and doing the whip ... more »
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I do straight tooth picks all the time. Not tooth hangers but just regular tooth grinds, I feel like no one does them anymore save for like Sean Burns. Down handrails feel so scary but cool x-ups/180 x-ups/360 x-ups. 3 x-ups feel badass, but I can only ... more »

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crankflips are always a nice way to piss people off haha or ET/TE tricks. x-up tricks too cause everyone’s always like “oh x-ups are gay” but usually always gets them a letter. Feeble grind to top tube surfer is a good one too. we used to do underhanded ... more »

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Weight savings/aesthetic purposes there's more going on on the drive side with the driver/pawls/ratchet ring, so that side is generally quite large in comparison to the non-drive side, so it only makes sense to slim down the non-drive side since there

... more »
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I always hold onto random shit, not always as a spare/stockpiled part though. I only really do that with tubes or if I know a part is on its way out soon and I buy another ahead of time, like grips or tires. I have a bunch of random old shit lying around ... more »

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no u

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hahaha holy fuck just remembered this from a street jam in DC a few years ago. There was a fuckton of us mobbing the streets so obviously cars are getting pissed and shit when like 100ish bikers are flying down the road disregarding traffic laws and ... more »

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there's too many funny ones because I'm quite notorious for yelling back and talking shit. someone starts off with "hey you fuckin..." it's usually met with me yelling something really vulgar and/or insulting, which results in them either shrugging it ... more »

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they're stock hubs, so they're about as generic as the Supreme hub anyway. but the Haro is unsealed for sure, top Cult is sealed, middle Cult looks to be sealed (some of the stock Cult hubs look like they're unsealed but are actually sealed, but it's ... more »

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your feet are touching the ground when your frame's only halfway around, not being a dick by any means but you're never gonna land it like that haha. my advice is to go find a fly out or try out of a quarter onto a deck if there's any near you, it'll ... more »

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I have to be reallllyy pissed off to legit throw it, most recently was when I got a flat tire when I was trying to film something I'd previously landed, and we were losing day light. I kept getting so fucking close then got a flat, did the only logical ... more »

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this or QBP, when I had to warranty my hub they sent it from there and it didn't even take a week and I'm pretty close to Baltimore so shouldn't take very long at all

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thread OP can choose to lock it for whatever reason, not a mod or admin reason (as far as I know anyway) maybe they got tired of it or got insulted and couldn’t take the heat

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one of my biggest pet peeves, got asked if I had a rim for sale once, told the guy yeah for $20, turns out he meant a "back 9t rim" and thought he was just getting a super good deal on a whole rear wheel for $20. called him a fuckin idiot those Fly Cobra ... more »

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That song's so old haha it's What You Know by TI

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my hops in my prime of being able to hop high were pretty high. I could hop over bar height easily. I hopped over a jersey barrier once and I'm still pissed my friend missed the photo cause I tried it again later and cased it, didn't eat shit but was ... more »

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cruised around for a little... nearly got run over by an old cunt who apparently missed the drivers lesson that teaches you that you're supposed to pull up to the white line at a sidewalk crossing (not over it), look, THEN pull forward, so I cussed her ... more »

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these were pretty good ones, the worst part is he was actually that stupid and not just trolling.,2/Is-this-a-crack-it-damage-in-my-frame,1278274,2/sunny-jomofo,1277766 ... more »

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be lucky you weren’t around for the OP’s threads where he thought Kink was the god of bmx brands making threads literally every day about will this frame hold up to riding up inclines or Kink vs this brand or Kink stock frame material vs this stock material, ... more »

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that seems about right, I'm pretty sure the dude that runs it is in the Philly area so that would make sense. I know occasionally when jams are in like Pittsburgh or something they've given access to the snapchat or something for coverage of it to be ... more »