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Avoid real thick grease but yeah most any all purpose grease will be fine

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if the wheels are unsealed you'll probably need to adjust the bearings, same with the BB. 99% of the time they're way too tight. often the chain is piss tight too. I recommend pulling the crank arms off and greasing the splines cause they're typically ... more »

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I would trust them just because Garrett and the whole team prove they can take a lot of abuse. Normally I'd call that argument a moot point because if they break shit, they'd just replace it for free or get another one or something, but I feel like Garrett ... more »

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it is full chromoly, but the forks and bars are almost certainly not heat treated meaning they're more prone to bending but should still last you just fine. I only mention that cause if you're gonna be grinding, a lot of times the fork dropouts on stock ... more »

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That is 100% the front hub having a very slight wobble to it, even if you can't feel it by hand. A lot of press fit hubs, even new ones, might do that even when fully tightened. I'm not sure if there's a "break in" period or what so you're stuck for ... more »

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2013 Kink Curb, it was ~$260 brand new... wouldn't pay more than $50 for it, looks to be in good condition at least.

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me personally I find watching seth rogen documentaries very helpful

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I think peoples issues with LZ on Stranger was more so because they just didn't like LZ or his channel, mostly due to a video of him acting like he should get free bars when he snapped a pair of Aaron Ross signature bars or something like that, so they ... more »

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I love when people say "English is not my first language" or "Pardon my English" yet have a better grasp on it than people who actually speak it haha 50 internet points for you You're correct, sorry Jake but he's right. You preface abbreviations accordingly ... more »

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do this. I had a Cult front hub guard get stuck before (Genius design making press fit/threadless hub guards for threaded hubs /s), and had to use a pipe wrench to get it off because of how tightly seized onto the axle it was. You can try bolting your ... more »

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put... put your dick in it I think a lot of people are confusing that with normal calluses. I've had that happen to me a few times and it fucking sucks so much worse than painful calluses, only thing you can do is fill it with some Neosporin and keep ... more »

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Yeah I have no idea I've never heard of them until recently haha also I just wanna clarify I wasn't knocking him or the brands he rides for or anything like that, I was just surprised he hadn't been scooped up by bigger brands (not that Merritt isn't ... more »

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yeah sprained AC joint in his shoulder according to a post on Instagram

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Is he behind it? I honestly don't know, I've never even heard of them until a couple weeks ago but I guess that doesn't mean they're not big or not well known either.

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probably filming for something I'm also a little surprised he's not on bigger/more well known sponsors. His pop and ability to manual 180 just about anything is insane, wouldn't be surprised if he could or already has manual 180ed a chain

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there was a really awesome one about 50 minutes away that had bike nights from 9pm to midnight every Friday... It was even climate controlled. the thing I really liked about it was it was always changing. the people were often building and rearranging ... more »

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is that not how you're supposed to do them ? that should be proper cause typically if you're right foot forward you spin left, and left foot forward you spin right... so if you're right foot forward and go up to fast plant a quarter or something then ... more »

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I don't break much cause I run a lot of Odyssey parts lolol actually I'd say I go through forks the most. my current ones are about 2 & 1/2 years old and need sent back soon cause they're cracked near the dropouts (on the metal itself, but also starting ... more »

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Looks like a 2004 Haro f2... not 100% sure on that though but photos of the same bike on bmx museum look similar. Google tells me it was $200 when it was brand new... so hard pass on that for anything more than like $30

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all I could think of was the Simple Eject v4 stem that was an April Fools joke obviously but still haha