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I always wanna say this to kids who say “nice bike” to me that clearly have no knowledge of what nice bike parts are but I’m not that big of a dick haha. I just find it funny they say that but have no idea like the specs, parts, etc, just like the color

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1. I use a bearing press at the shop, but a hammer & a punch (flat screwdriver if you're very careful and know what you're doing works too) if I'm not. I've even used a hammer and a socket and lightly tapped them in that way. 2. Ideally you want ... more »

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You believe in god, you don't get to tell others they're mentally retarded for believing in something. Not to mention you're already mentally retarded to begin with. Why are you even still here btw? Literally no one on this board likes you or gives a ... more »

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I don’t think someone as white as this should be using the phrase “bitch ass niggas” don’t you have some mirror selfies to take and tough guy boxing poses to be doing?

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Ben Lorson. Still haven't watched his edit.

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2011 Scorpion Poison, Google juuust a little harder next time haha

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Have you tried not being retarded?

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there’s no right or wrong but one is definitely easier than the other. I do many tricks the “wrong” way and it’s made things much harder, even learning most of them opposite too. Like wallride 180s I either have to do wall to oppo 180 or oppo wall to ... more »

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Yep. I thought his name sounded familiar, I guess Paul finally gave him back his internet privileges after little Samson here said racist things and someone dug up his Facebook. Get fucked Sam, you probably tried taking it apart for some reason and fucked

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I’m gonna refrain from being even more of a smartass, but you’re thinking ENTIRELY too much on this. It does not matter, at all. Stand over and look at your wheel like you’re looking down the valve hole and look at the first nipple above the valve. You’ll

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faulty product, and not Albes problem. Email G-Sport with some photos and he’ll sort you out, those stickers are on backwards and riding them like that will void the limited warranty.

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Get a master link if you're deadset on keeping it slammed like that, assuming it's a full link chain anyway.

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Any Mid bottom bracket will fit it, as long as the size of the Mid BB also fits your cranks spindle. The internal spacer that goes in between the bearings in the frame might need fine tuning but that's about it.

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I think the Federal has a chromoly axle, I know the predecessor to the Pro did but not sure if the Pro also has a chromoly one or not. So I'd personally go with the Federal over the Odyssey since the Vandero Pro uses an aluminum axle with steel helicoils. ... more »

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You’d probably be wrong to say that. When Garrett Reynolds was riding for Premium he said he was breaking parts left & right, including his own signature parts, and had lots of people messaging him saying they were also breaking them. They were crap ... more »

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Yeah show us a photo of the assembly. Something might be installed wrong. Bottom up it should be fork -> lower bearing race (some forks having an integrated race built onto it, if yours don't have that built in race, you need the race) -> lower ... more »

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If they're continuously loosening up like that, something is definitely damaged in the hub. You said you took it to a mechanic, but did they take the bearings out and inspect the ball bearings and the bearing seats? Something has to be worn out or even ... more »

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There are calculators out there you can use but you need calipers like he said above to measure a bunch of things like the hub flange diameter, offsets, ERD, etc Or take it to a shop and have them figure it out. If you do that, buy the spokes from them ... more »

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I'm not at all typing this to put you down or anything like that, but you're not close and won't ever land it like that. I was always taught that there's no "close" or "almost" in tailwhips until you're getting over frame. You're essentially just kicking ... more »

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Barspins. I might have landed like 1 or 2 really sketchy ones going slower than a snail before learning flat 360s, but I 100% learned & dialed in 360s before barspins… they were ugly as shit but no pivot/tire tap. I didn’t really start to land barspins ... more »