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Reply to Are people retarded today? 10/21/2017 10:43 PM

You're contradicting the argument because you're still into the sport and have been for some time, so of course you're going to know every part. someone that wasn't too into it who rode for a couple years, quit, then dug up their bike 10 years later ... more »

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A lot of them might have been out of the scene too long to remember what the parts were I saw someone on Craglist before selling a "Colt" bmx bike and it clearly said "Cult" on the frame. Also

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I think it's crazier when you give/sell a part to someone and years later find it still being ridden or something... I don't usually lose or forget about parts that I have lying around here, although I did reinstate my Demolition Mary-Kate hub after ... more »

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here's a photo of the previous model to help you understand (Which is nearly the same, just with less updated features such as the recessed top cap area)

basically it works similar to the Odyssey Elementary stem if you're familiar with that. ... more »
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loads fine for me, this page opened and fully loaded in about 3 seconds

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I always thought the Drive stem was a neat concept but really ugly design

Shadow Nostra pedals just looked really ugly to me in person ... more »
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Are... Are you seriously comparing Tony Hawk to Brandon Begin right now

Reply to CRANKS GET SUPER TIGHT HELP!!!! 10/18/2017 9:17 PM

Okay, is it your cranks or hub? Cause if you're tightening up your back wheel THEN your cranks get super tight, something's messed up with your hub. Likely the lock nut(s) being stripped and not doing their job properly

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S&M makes one too

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No, but I'm also not getting butthurt about it online. I actually don't care for Begin at all, I'm not a fan so nice try.

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What part of Maryland? I live in PA but some parts of Maryland are super close

Reply to Using Spare Chain As Bike Lock? Idea 10/18/2017 12:57 AM

I'm pretty sure I've done this before in a pinch... I just took my own chain off (master link) and used it. In theory it would work. awhile back I thought about making a makeshift lock out of a shortened inner brake cable and something similar to a cable ... more »

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Your doctor's a dipshit. I had a doctor tell me sort of the same thing before that I should give it up cause of the damage bmx does to the body. I almost told her to fuck off. Saw a specialist and he didn't say any of that. I stand by the statement "if ... more »

Reply to Cotton self adhesive tape? 10/16/2017 3:44 PM

the best way to stop dents & scratches on your bike is to not ride it at all

Reply to Least favorite SPECIFIC PARTS 10/16/2017 12:35 AM

Yeah the bolts, but I've also bent a chromoly center axle before. I grind A LOT. I just said fuck it and rode with it bent, eventually just got a new hub altogether (not solely because of the bent bolt haha) but no damages to the axle itself They were ... more »

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Your brain thinking that doesn't magically make one stronger or weaker than the other. I can tell you from experience that 14mm male is stronger than 3/8" female aluminum and chromoly, for grinding at least. To repeat myself from my above post, I've ... more »

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14mm female > 14mm male > 3/8" female > 3/8" male, in terms of grinding anyway. I base that on the fact that I've bent front 3/8" axle bolts, and have yet to bend my 14mm male axle in the rear which is/was much older than those bolts. And generally ... more »

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running a hub without a pawl is a bad idea, running without 2 of them is even worse of an idea. technically 3 pawls are more efficient, the reasoning being all 3 pawls engage at the same time, where as with 4 (not sure about 6 pawls though) there's a ... more »

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bunnyhop from flat lolol jk out of a lil ramp.