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1. 2018 FBM Hardway with FBM Black flag bars, fbm pma stem then the rest is all brand newbprimo components. Things in mint condition. Just have 2 builds 1,500 dollar build selling for 900

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FUCKING BUMMMMMMP. It stands for Biggest swingin' dicks. You're welcome...also Britain sucks dick as i believe they're a scottish company and scots hate being the British Monarchys' BaStarD son. But its biggest swingin dicks 4 sho

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I got one and my busenitz and vans even mids fit still you can move your foot tou just cant roll it. Do recommend

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Dude so I just got v2 of this frame. Waiting on it to come in the mail. Mines just plain old black, i absolutley love the yellow colorway with the raw. Thats one tough looking bike. Making the switch from S&M to FBM seems honorable to me seeing as ... more »

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Lux bmx from aus

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Vital bmx from aus