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Damn that sucks, i was hoping that i could get away with not having surgery and just doing workouts to strengthen it some. I figured that surgery would probably be the best route to go but the thought of not riding for 6 months is killing me and i look ... more »

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Any of you dudes tear your acl? Dr. says i most likely tore it, this happened about 2 weeks ago and in about another 3 im going back to him and he's telling me if ill need surgery or not. Will i still be able to ride back to the way i was before my tear ... more »

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Have you ever pictured yourself Doug something other than riding, if so what do you think it would be? Also you have a dope style

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soo good dude

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robbie morales ditch jump was pretty bad

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mike spinner seems to have it pretty good

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its not that bad, and really fun, only oppo grind i have problems with is smiths

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drew bezanson

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beat every level and got all the stars.

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Can anybody give a dude some tips on flairs? I was trying them today for the first time, but as soon i as started feeling like i was upside down i bailed and threw my bike away from me the best i could

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had them for 2 weeks max, and my sidewall blew out just riding down the sidewalk not doing anything but riding casually

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I was riding before school one day it was raining and i was just practicing 180's I think, and i slipped and that day i just so happened to not have barends and i got a bar to the stomach. It gave me a nice size cut, but i didnt think much of it and ... more »

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shadow ravagers or stolen thermalite

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not sure about any shops, but defiantly go to edge skate park while youre down, one the best parks here in fl

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still dont need to re-lace the whole thing just replace the 7 spokes and then true it

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i hear skating is going to be in the next olympics though

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air or flyout? i can 5 air better, i act like im going to do a 3 fakie on the quarter but at the 3 mark i kind of tuck my bike in more and that gives me more time i guess to get the full rotation, and for 5 flyouts just spin as hard as you can

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i like this dudes style