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word, i didn't think it would make that much of a difference but just wasn't sure.

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my wheel uses 183mm length spokes and i was wondering since all i can get a hold of at the moment is 184mm would that affect it all. like would i not be able to use those spokes

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word, the new course is pretty sick to ride, and yeah to bad zack moved back up north.

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go to the skatepark on wednesday and sundays, you'll meet a ton of people and have a great time and as a bonus a lot of the profile team usually hits it up. tampa has a great scene.

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You guys should like this page little page of me and some local riders. hoping this might turn into something who knows. got an edit in the works and few little videos up already.

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Front: G-sport rollcage sapim spokes Shadow Raptor Back: G-sport Rollcage sapim spokes G-sport Ratchet

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i run 3, but only because a sold on peg a little while back, and instead of having two up front i have two in the back

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any animal tires

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really because on my little buddy they work great. i love mine

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Its still in the low 80's here lol

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I always thought i was doing something wrong with the tightening of it because that always happened, but i thank you now because now i don't feel dumb for not being able to tighten it right.

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i did this and i still it on mine, but theres one huge crack on the side of them from impact. other then that works fine. only reason it had to be done is because this new park that opened up only allows plastic pegs and i dont have any

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Tree Lil' Buddy (I have it now) S&M Cardona Fly Tierra Redline Device G7 Proper TTL V2

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i was wondering which guard to get for my raptor too, everybody at my local park though was saying gland because it has more spoke coverage, but i still don't know which to get

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there's this guy I know who is 45ish or so and he straight kills it at the park.

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new odyssey freeze stem seems nice and its cheap. I have a stolen tlc topload and its holding up well

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i was there when he did the double peg to front flip # realtalk

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