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I would but it wouldnt be that much different. probably just a different wheel set and throw a gyro setup on it.

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I torn some ligament or tendon in my thigh i forgot what it was, 540ing a quarter saturday and i've been out of commission hoping to get back on my bike by sunday even though i shouldn't be riding for 2-3 weeks. Only reason i want to get back on as soon ... more »

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Best winters ever in florida, I feel for you guys up north

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I ride the tree little buddy and love it. perfect geo for me.

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I own shadow ravagers at the moment and they are best pedals i have ever ridden so far. hold up real well, have great grip, and just all around are amazing.

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take the crosses in the x and make a v and then switch them around

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There are like 5-7 guys that are between 40-50 year olds that go to my park so you're still good

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tuck no's and any tuck no variation

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just buy the right size?

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im not liking the rider list this year as much

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Oh and my frame only has brake mounts that only let me run a single cable so would i get the odyssey londen mod thing or what? i'm confused as to how that would work out

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I want to run a gyro, but i don't know exactly what parts i need. would anybody be so kind as to set up a nice gyro system for me

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It really pisses me off that kids go around stealing bike. My good friend who i just go into bmx bought a bike that he was paying off in payments and finally finished paying it off 4 days ago and today i found out that yesterday he got jumped after school ... more »

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New detangler system from affix.

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i have 25t one

Added reply in a thread WTF With This World 9/7/2011 6:39 PM this is where that you mad bro thing started from originally i think

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i ran both the cult member and shadow for a while each and they are both mad strong, but i stripped my bolt and threqading in the crank arm so now i run a tree spline drive

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theres me and a few other kids in my town who i have basically have to drag out to ride, if it wasn't for me forcing everybody to ride the bmx scene in my town would have died long ago. other then that theres ok street, cant complain that much and i ... more »

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