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damn thats shitty, im out with a elbow fracture and torn acl. it blows, i just want to ride again

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They don't spin around... We made sure that they would fit on the grip and stay there. Haven't heard one kid who has them say anything about throttle grip

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Haha that is true too

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The fabric were using right now feels pretty good and if we were to ship probably like 7 or 8 bucks as well throw in 2 pairs

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Yeah I'll make a post or something

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Right now were not shipping to anywhere or anything because were still trying to sort everything out with them

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Well the idea is if you're get really sweaty you have this cloth that will absorb it I guess and nope none of the kids who run them around here have had any complaints about throttle grip or anything having to do with grip. A lot of kids down here swear ... more »

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nope ive been running these for a while now and never felt like i had less grip

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that would be sweet, but it's probably mad expensive. we've been buying fabric thats not too expensive but won't tear or anything, so we can sell them to local kids

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whenever you sweat the cloth "absorbs" it or whatever, kind of like glove for your grips. better than wearing gloves i think

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Lol i wish i had any size indoor park around me, florida gets mad hot

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i had when i was like 4 and was in really bad condition with it and almost died from it, but i've been fine ever since it went away

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I had my bikes stolen, and like 2 weeks later my friend came to my house and told he was with the kid who robbed them earlier in the day and was asking him all this stuff about my bikes and he realized they were mine and we went to his house and i was ... more »

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Weathers in the mid 70's down here

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Damn all this is making me lean towards the surgery. Do you guys trust your knee while riding? Would I have to start riding street more cautiously or could I get back to like some heavy duty street riding, big drops and heavy impacts

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oh those look like fun haha

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Yeah, the thing i'm scared of the most is not getting the surgery and doing something and then bam blown out again. and yeah thats what my dr said, if i don't do the surgery than i'll be fine with workouts and stuff like that but my knee will always ... more »