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190 bump

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up top

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go with fit

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MC SKATE PARK!!! Its a Woodward Ramps park and it's no the small ramps.. We have 8ft mini half, an 4ft mini with a pine 3 and 6ft spoxs tond of quarters and crap...

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Auch ja.. Ich learne deutsch in shuhle klasse....

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Insignia Shoes

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Yea any kind of Drug, Cigarettes, and Alcohol use i think is the worst thing you can do to yourself...

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hahahaha dude im ntot hat stupid.. lol ive ordered from dan for years, its just u cna get a used one for cjeaper, but neve rmine i already am a spanish frame...

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looks tight...dude

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Michigan City, Inidiana.. Right along Lake Michigan, 45mins from Chi-Town adn 10mins from Michigan.. We have the world's largest Woodward Ramps park.... Its FREE TOO!!!!!!!!! ITS AWESOME!!!!!!

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[img size=499][/img]

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Well I would first start off by finding a very nice place, this means flat, not a lot of roots, and good dirt.. Second I would get as many logs, tires, wood and shit that I coudl find to take up room under the ramps so u dont have to dig as much...Then ... more ยป

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yea thats why im getting it because of the trade-in deal.. but yea i weigh liek 160-170.. do u think that too heavy???

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So no one else has any review on the Eastern Dragon??? Cause I am seriuosly thinking about picking one up...

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Here is the link to their site and all you have to do is type in your adress and it gives you