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I just read you post about PWHT on frames, and I was laughing the entire time. You 100% destroyed the guy, and did an excellent job explaining the process. I carry my API-570 and API-510 certifications and being knowledgeable about PWHT is necessary for my job as well.
Well done Sir.

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Sunday Soundwave V2
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Just squirt grease into the hole. It's not super hard to take apart, there are videos on the Odyssey YouTube, but it's not necessary.

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Yeah, I posted in Dave's thread about this the other day. Stretching rubber bands with your fingers helps a ton. Also, use the thickest grips you can find.

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Yup. I had tennis elbow, and it sounds like that's what you are describing. Get rubber bands and wear a few around your wrist. Anytime you think about it, put one or two around all five fingers and stretch it as many times as you can tolerate. Get the ... more »

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About two weeks. The slack isn't hard to get used to, it's the lack of any sort of feedback on speed. I really struggled at first, but now I don't think I could go back. It just feels so much smoother and faster.

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Roll the axle on a flat floor and see if it wobbles.

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Is the tooth wear even, or on one side? Sounds like chainline more than any specific chain.

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Maybe if the axle is bent, it causing inconsistent engagement? I don't know for sure, but thinking about how a free coaster works, it seems possible.

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Dugan's. They ride like broken in longnecks Longnecks are a bit too short for me.

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Are you running 28-9? Might not get much more slack. Try running a smaller sprocket.

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Clutch. I've been riding it for 6 months. Only maintenance I've done is replace the hub guard.

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This. Plegs are like 4 ounces.

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Just to clarify, 4130 (more correctly, SAE 4130) is a very specific grade of chromium-molybdium alloy steel with very specific chemical composition requirements. All 4130 is comply, but not all comply is 4130. Not meeting the 4130 chem comp requirements ... more »

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To me at least, anything under about 23 feels twitchy, (like if you turned the sensitivity on a PS4 controller too high), and anything over about 26 feels sluggish. I aim for 24-25.

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Fuck. again? Clutch.

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Chrome just kinda sucks these days. Apprerently, the process they used back in the days wasn't very environmentaly friendly, and the new, safer processes are more difficult to do correctly. I haven't seen a single, new chrome rim that didn't have some ... more »

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Fuck yeah riding pegs fucks a bike up. I'll kill a frame with dents long before I break one.

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Wait, so your whole argument is that because only one company (which happens to appear to be one of the more successful companies in BMX right now), it's not worth while? I don't know why more companies don't use PWHT (and neither do you). I can speculate ... more »

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Y'all need a web site.