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depends what size sprocket you want to change to and the gearing you want. generally if you want to go 25/9 yes you will need to change the wheel. freewheels generally go down only as far as 13tooth.

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going faster helps keep your balance

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yep. best option there my friend

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sweet jam
songs anyone?

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wow! there are people with the same problem as me

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there are instances when getting profile cranks together and apart was difficult. manufacturing tolerances were really tight so that they perform better.

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stringer, lighter and dont get caught on copings. evryone is only getting them now because of the cassette driver. making a 9-10tooth freewheel would have been pointless. the bearing would have been so small that they would be no point in having bearings ... more »

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strong 36hole rear wheel. going to get a hazard lite rim + hazard hub up front because i found a brand new set going for very very cheap. anything else besides the hazard lite which i know is good

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looks good in brown and white with little black

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yeah. loosen your chain. if you want your pedals to stay still. tighten the cranks a bit more. but it may reduce the life of your BB bearings

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make sure you slam the back end round with your foot. kick it with your trailing foot hard and commit. put some shin guards on if you feel more comfortable

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FSA the pig pro. cheap and almost bombproof

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what fork and bars shall i go with macneil ID odyssey pro dirt we the people helium S&M pitchfork also the bars want some good strong big bars

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material it is made from. folding tyres are made from kevlar bead instead of a steel bead

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is that flatland or off a box/ramp

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Frame: Fly Pantera 2 Fork: Macneil ID (not to sure on this) front wheel: Profile SS or Macneil front hub laced to hazard light rear wheel: we the people supreme cassette laced to hazard light chrome stem: profile acoustic red/a bike co jump off handlebars: ... more »

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new ones are suposed to be good. apparently stronger than profiles. not sure how true this is. but ive never seen anyone snap any yet

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you shouldnt hurt yourself too bad dropping into a quarterpipe. the worst that will happen will be something like a bruise or friction burns. wear some kneepads and elbow pads and a helmet

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i'm riding without brakes at the moment. when i get some money together i'll be putting brakes on the sucker. it just gives you the option if you need it. EDIT: REAR only though. Post edited by: the_godfather, at: 1/19/2008 10:44 AM

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you need to roll in sideways if you dont want to bunnyhop in