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either are good. i know fly has a lifetime warranty and is for bigger and taller riders.

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i wouldnt trust it. but i heard they have problems and i dont wanna hve to replace something i just bought.

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this guys songs have been in tuesdays with miles catfish 1 and 2. check him tulsa style

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youve probly been asked this already but why did you switch from shadow to ezra? and is shadow still gonna make their own freecoaster ?

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fighting over the inter net is like the special olympics, no matter who wins, your both retards. quit the shit guys were all bikers, give him a break.

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I WANT A CHALLENGER!!!! where can i get one?

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ive kinda been thinking about brakes lately. theyre fun as hell. but expensive. and if you want awesome front breaks, get eclats

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thanks, any thoughts on the animal RS rim?

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i was gonna get the gsport birdcage in the front and a rollcage in the back, but saw that the gsport bird have issues. so any recommendations?? Thanks

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ride the trails in the sky my brother. you will be missed. Rest in peace

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your parents suck man. my mom doesnt undrestand that i break shit, that it lasts forever. but shes supportive enough. just show them what riding bikes is all about, if you got a local park take them there and have them watch what you do with friends. ... more »

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im 5'8 with 8.5s and a topload, and its fucking amazing.

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thanks man, i dont know how to get the bearings out, but the rim is on its way out, so i think im gonna ride it till it dies, or sell it. im gonna get a new front wheel in a few weeks

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mo, more like a rough grumble almost like a quiet skatebaord.

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whatever. not like theres enough talent around here anyways.

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anyone else ever have a grinding noise with theyre front hub? cuz mine started to, but it still rolls decently. help

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yeah, get the shadows. theyre light and cheaper than the _______ bars. hahah

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i havent heard anything like this but would think so, makes sense. if you want pegs that dont have the anti rotation pin, look at primos, theyre knurled on the ends(like bars) so they dont slip.