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like sit on top of your bmx while riding a dirtbike/supermoto/ moped so you can haul ass from place to place, or get to a more remote place to build trails, which is what i plan to do, as i live in the woods and @sickdude, i'll try that but i don't know ... more »

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so, being an avid bicyclist, and having other interests such as motocross/dirtbikes in general, i was curious if you guys had any tips on how one would accomplish either building some sort of rack for my dirtbike, for my bmx bike. i know tom dugan sat ... more »

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Bump. anyone answer a question for me? i bought a 1993 xr 250, and i need to see what type of oil she takes, i never got a manual for it or a title. but 550 isnt bad for something with new rims tires and bars, supertrapp exhaust straight from the 90's, ... more »

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ok. i just bought a 1993 honda xr 250, and have no idea what it takes for motor oil.... anyone know what it takes? and follow me on instagram, there's lots of picures of random bike shit/spiderman memes/ cars/ guy shit i post @ethanridesbikes

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i'm local with this kid, i've got an animal lm-r i could ship to you, if you like. i know sam ( thread starter), bikes dialed. buy it up

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haha im glad to see such a great response to this thread, i got a kick ass klx 110, big bars, seat and some bear trap looking foot pegs,im looking to get an XR 100 off my buddy for a couple hundred to give me something bigger to ride, and tinker with.... ... more »

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so far no ones mentioned the fiend team grips, which i am currently running.... they're amazing. soft, grippy, not slippery even in the highest of heat situations. ive had mine since the end of august and theyre wearing decently, almost a hole in one, ... more »

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im only 16 but the 520 motard just sounds like a fucking blast

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who else rides? ive got a modded klx 110, and am looking for a bigger bike, size wise, and was curious to see what you guys have, and can offer for suggestions?

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go to skaters edge in taunton, alot of fun. im about 45 miles from boston, in plymouth, and we have either little street or huge shit, it can suck.

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fair enough... i can see whetre your coming from but thats what i have, and my current phone sucks, its the original samsung gravity, and i just want something a little more up to date. the 4s is outdated but i dont care... i also appreciate the humor ... more »

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so im turning 16 in a few weeks, and i cant decide what i want, im stuck between new goodies for my mtb, or an iphone 4s. suggestions welcome. haha

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Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Sprocket

decent sprocket


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ive got a pair of dre solo hd's, and they dont leak as much sound as the studios do, but i got them for 75 bucks, and went to walmart and returned them to make sure theyre real, so i won that one.... but i put a pair of bose headhones on, and they were ... more »

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stay on the bike, its good for ya. haha i wish we had more here in the us, ive literally met 2 of them, ive been riding for 2-3 years now.

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so far my favorite shoes that ive had were my Vans Ellis mids. kept my ankles away from my cranks, and gripped my trailmixes like they had nothing else to live for. lasted me like 6 months, and i go through shoes like a mofo. pretty comfortable too. ... more »

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i have no idea, but it looks radical, almost like a street bike tire

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the plate is too bland. looks like the shadow ravager..... but the top cap thing is nice

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it all really depends on the bike,but wheels, forks and tires.

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what part om ma do you live in man?

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