About Me


hello i work at a local bike shop. i bmx every minute possible because i have a ways to go to come any where close to having bragging rights. ;P i ride an okay bike with okay parts. i have a few great parts but the okay/semi bad parts balance it out. it ways about 25-7 pounds i think... maybe lighter. nah. haha, but yes, im tall skinny, love skinny jeans, have the newest 24" imac out there with all the specs as high as possible. i bought it, so dont think im rich. im actually very poor. i.e. why my bike sucks-ish. i can build website layouts for any one who wants one. i take photos and am a great photo editor. so even if you give me a pic i can make it sexeh. ;D i also can do multi shots and put them together. thats always fun. i also would like to get into filming but i cant because of costs in cameras. >_< and yah, thats about it.