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I haven't used anything longer than 165mm since about 2004 I'm afraid, so I honestly can't remember how they compare. Generally I prefer shorter cranks though. The pedals don't catch on the ground when you turn tightly, they give you more room for your ... more »

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Upgraded to the latest ALVX frame with investment cast chainstay yoke....

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Frame - BSD ALVX 20.3” Forks - Primo Strand Bars - Animal Bob Scerbo Stem - Fit Benny L Seat - Primo Hemorrhoid Cranks - Primo Churchill 160mm Pedals - Federal Command Sprocket - Fit Spline Drive 25t Chain - Animal Hoder Front Wheel - Primo ... more »

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Dibs on the Animal stem and seat if you can ship to the UK. Message sent.

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It looks like a V2 because of the engraved headtube, however since this was posted more than 2 years ago I doubt the seller still has it.

New thread WTB Animal Inverse Stem 12/15/2018 2:11 AM

Has anyone got one they aren’t using? Preferably located in the UK but willing to pay postage from USA.

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I think the brand was born in the UK. I remember speaking to Orlando in 2010 at a trade show and was under the impression he was the owner? I could be wrong about that though. Who knows what went down since then. I understand they are closing their warehouse ... more »

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I actually had a set of the United bars but they are even wider than advertised and there’s no room to cut down. Sold them straight away. I’ve been running Animal Big 4’s for a while but always been a fan of smaller/narrower bars (grew up riding 6”- ... more »

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Thanks Ronnie, I had spotted those and tried to order them but they want $50 to ship them to the UK and then I could get hit with customs charges. Could end up paying over $100 for them. I’d rather give someone that money for a pair of original Bobs. ... more »

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Anyone got a set they want to sell? Must be willing to ship to UK.

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Got one.

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Anyone got one they don’t need anymore? Preferably in the UK...

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Yeah, fancied a top load for a change. The Clutch V2 is the best freecoaster I’ve ever used. One minor complaint would be that after you slam hard when you go to pedal forward you can feel a little click as it engages. It’s not a big issue at all but ... more »

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Few changes: - Odyssey Clutch V2 hub on a Primo VS rim - Fly Ruben plastic pedals - Profile Push stem 48mm - Fit Benny bars - Primo Mac seat
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I'm also in the UK and have ordered from Flatland Fuel LOADS of times. Pat is a good guy, drop him an email and he will give you a much more accurate postage quote than the one on the website.

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New thread Wanted: Fit Benny Bars 8/25/2017 1:47 AM

Let me know if you have some. Preferably black or green but would consider other colours. Must be willing to ship to the UK.

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Academy is Colony.

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As above, most likely the length of your headtube.