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I haven't used anything longer than 165mm since about 2004 I'm afraid, so I honestly can't remember how they compare. Generally I prefer shorter cranks though. The pedals don't catch on the ground when you turn tightly, they give you more room for your ... more »

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Upgraded to the latest ALVX frame with investment cast chainstay yoke....

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Dibs on the Animal stem and seat if you can ship to the UK. Message sent.

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It looks like a V2 because of the engraved headtube, however since this was posted more than 2 years ago I doubt the seller still has it.

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I think the brand was born in the UK. I remember speaking to Orlando in 2010 at a trade show and was under the impression he was the owner? I could be wrong about that though. Who knows what went down since then. I understand they are closing their warehouse ... more »

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I actually had a set of the United bars but they are even wider than advertised and there’s no room to cut down. Sold them straight away. I’ve been running Animal Big 4’s for a while but always been a fan of smaller/narrower bars (grew up riding 6”- ... more »

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Thanks Ronnie, I had spotted those and tried to order them but they want $50 to ship them to the UK and then I could get hit with customs charges. Could end up paying over $100 for them. I’d rather give someone that money for a pair of original Bobs. ... more »

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Got one.

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Yeah, fancied a top load for a change. The Clutch V2 is the best freecoaster I’ve ever used. One minor complaint would be that after you slam hard when you go to pedal forward you can feel a little click as it engages. It’s not a big issue at all but ... more »

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Few changes: - Odyssey Clutch V2 hub on a Primo VS rim - Fly Ruben plastic pedals - Profile Push stem 48mm - Fit Benny bars - Primo Mac seat
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I'm also in the UK and have ordered from Flatland Fuel LOADS of times. Pat is a good guy, drop him an email and he will give you a much more accurate postage quote than the one on the website.

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Academy is Colony.

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As above, most likely the length of your headtube.

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Cool, you know best.

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Just for reference, I have been riding and working in the industry for a long time. The kid was looking at a bike with a $239 price tag. He isn't about to drop $400. My suggestions were alternative bikes for in and around the same cash which is what ... more »

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As grumpySteve already said.... Yes you can use an allen key. It's offset to allow you to run a front brake cable.

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Just a quick update, in the end I decided to go for the Odyssey Clutch V2 laced to a Primo VS rim. Only got it yesterday so I haven't had a chance to get a good session in yet but so far it seems to roll much more freely than any other freecoaster I've ... more »

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Ignoring the drama above I'm going to go ahead and give you my two cents.... If you are just getting started then in all honesty the Mafia Kush will probably be fine. It won't last forever and there are better bikes available from better brands for similar ... more »