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are they worth it? heard a lot of diffrent things about them, some people love them and some say they suck im worried about them getting loose all the time since they use bushings instead of bb, cause i had few pairs of pedals with bushings in the past ... more »

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for gods sake its a bmx bike, if you are going to whine over every little scratch on it maybe you should trade it for a road bike instead or, get used to it, in few months you will probably get bored of that colourway anyway

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thats why your pedals are on backwards

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with swapped pedal bodies?

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mkay so i know if i flip rhd cranks to lhd i'll need to change pedal bodies, but is there any extra downsides to that? they are still gonna tighten forward? sprocket and spinde bolts wont come loose or anything?

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ti spokes, axles etc. are for smooth park riders that will just replace those parts after they break, and ti bolts wont make much difftence in weight or strength, they are mostly for looks

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need some reviews from people that actually have them and are they durable and warm enough for winter street riding?

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cause you have a perfectly good bike and you dont need new cranks until you break those which i highly doubt you will in near future or save up and buy them with your own money, and stop being spoiled little shit

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360 to oppo 360?

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i understand being pegless for weight savings, bike style or just not liking grinds and peg related stuff, but i dont understand people who refuse to run pegs but grind on their dropouts/bolts/axles/hub flanges or pedals and than talking shit about those

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mafia and collective bikes because of the sick colorways and ryan taylor is nice guy overall and respects other people #certifam #greenfuel #perpelfuel #yeslad #givemealittletouch #buymyshittyshirts

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metal pedals last 6 months to you? i smell bullshit.. unless you are doing pedal grinds on ledges covered with sandpaper all the time

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Raw Hawk

my favourite spot ever! this ledge is about 100 meters long, and all waxed up from years of grinding

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Bike pic is awesome next to that waxed up ledge. Like it a lot.

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maybe 4-5", but once you raise it, leave it there while you are still learning

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its all about almost sitting on the seat - but not too much, just to get it locked up there dont try to hop on the peg yet, you will just keep looping out. put your foot on the peg and gently push the bars forward-down til your seat touches the ass.

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Raw Hawk
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if i was getting new cranks ,id definitely get demolition rigs. 24 mm, lhd/rhd compatible, spline drive too, enarson approved, lifetime warranty and they look super beefy and stiff rn i have profiles (19mm) and they feel a bit flexy thunderbolts would ... more »

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gsport uniguard

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i kinda like this one too much to swap it for something not as durable, i've had a couple canvas/kevlar seats before and they all lasted me for a few months when they started to fall apart on stitches maybe covering it with a layer of wax or something? ... more »