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2019 Kink Drifter 26" Bike

Solid Bike


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2019 Kink Drifter
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thanks for the insult, the fatbike thread was a mistake, didnt realize I would be dealing with so many little kid minds, as far as this idea, I disagree because many parents go and buy coaster brake bikes from places like walmart and the kids learn to ... more »

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Glorious Custom Cult Devotion
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The Black bEastern
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subrosa  villicus 2011
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Flybikes Electron "17
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Stolen Sinner custom
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2016 WTP Atlas
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Mutiny Comb V3
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My Soundwave V3!
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 Crysis Rebuild
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I regret making this thread, too much negativity

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Thanks Man, I will try that trick for sure!!

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Get well soon drew!!

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