​I just started riding in November 2013 at 40 years old and when I did I couldn't wait to visit one of the many skateparks in my area and I did, and when I arrived to ride my heart out, I realized there was not much beginner friendly obstacles for me to ride.

I think that there are not many people becoming new BMX riders because of stuff like this, I think that if there was more beginner friendly stuff, kids and adults alike with little to no experience doing BMX stunts would be more confident starting small and working their way up.

for example, every box jump seems to be a 4 to 6 foot tall quarter pipe, In my opinion there should be much shorter jumps for beginners that are 1/8 pipe launch ramp style instead of 1/4 pipe and still have the general box jump setup with a launch side and landing side.And there are grind boxes and rails that are too high.

to me the one thing that slipped through the cracks ,when it comes to the possibility of inspiring new BMX riders is INTIMIDATION of the ramp size, or grind box, go big or go home is for pros not beginners.

Don't get me wrong, the BMX community is very tight which is awesome and there are always encouraging and helpful riders at the parks that offer something and every once and a while theres doosh bags but the cool people far out weigh the doosh bags. and to me the silent killers is ramp or obstacle intimidation.

If BMX wants to become as big of a sport as it should be instead of just staying alive stay alive, I think there needs to be way more beginner friendly skate parks and obstacles out there.

I have said my peace

Rock Onward and live BMX life.

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