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So I am a moron for thinking brakeless helps me go for shit? That is an ignorant thing to say, people ride the setup they like insulting them for that just shows you probably can't ride and are a punk ass kid that follows bmx trends

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i love that song who is it?

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como trails ... more »
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BA BLAU TROY!! yeah come ride with us!!

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i can do a wheelie 27, 12yrs of riding, columbia mo, send info i'll send pictures and footage

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no brakes i genuinley think brakeless kind of makes you not puss out of big shit you want to try its like commit or die

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anyone down to ride that lives in como, i ride the park pretty much every weekday around 4 when the weather is decent, and sunday like most of the day theres about five of us that ride currently but no one ever seems to be around at the same time. riding ... more »

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troy what up josh and i are supposed to ride the park tomorrow around 3 you should meet us there, i will be there for sure

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