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just a quick idea here i'd only take advice from people who have ridden the tires you want to know about, and ridden them hard but maybe that's just me, the advice of some 11 year old who thinks "maxxis? they aren't cool" must be worth listening to -_- ... more »

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i run a grifter on the back, and have done for about a year now and it's not worn out at all, i do a lot of pegless grinds and shit like that and it's going good i ran a momentum for like a month, wore it out, and then it blew off the bead in my opinion ... more »

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demolition machete /thread

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one thing you neglected to mention or maybe didn't think about is that actually riding your bike also creates microscopic fractures and will strengthen your bones just as much as weights. basically as long as you keep good and active then you'll be good. ... more »

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i learnt them by doing a flyout 90 on a quarter, but keeping the bars pointing forward and then just getting them extended then try them on a box jump

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i'm guessing they're loose bearings? you've gotta just adjust it very carefully and if it really doesn't work something might be a bit fucked... get some sealed hubs and your problem is solved

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i just switched from my aitken which i blew off the rim, to a machete i prefer the machete, it's lighter, faster, and i think slightly wider too can't comment on durability yet, but i rode my aitken for about 6 months pretty much solidly and it wore ... more »

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how would it make it last longer? all it will do is make your hub a lot louder and slow your bike due to the increased friction and wear away at the inside of your hub shell more i've done it to my proper hub and once you get over the 'yay my bike is ... more »

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maxxis grifter 2.1, i'm never running a different back tire again

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ok no need to show us how much of a big man you are by getting abusive, i simply deducted from your answer which stated that any lhd driver will fit any hub if you "change the prawls around" that you were a complete eejit, but well done for proving otherwise... ... more »

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i've got it and it does exactly what you want it to i've never seen a snapped one and mine feels rock solid so i'd trust it over most frames and it rides like a beaut

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don't listen to this guy. (no offence but you don't know what you're talking about) and it's pawls not prawls

but it depends on what hub you have and what driver you want to buy, because most drivers only fit a specific hub and most hubs can ... more »
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tripple gay

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i found this also

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fbm crown royal, it's strong as anything, and reasonably light i think

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actually originally you said it's not possible to do a flair and land fakie, which to be fair is true because a flair is a backflip air on a quarter. what he did is a backflip 180 off a ledge, which is different and fucking sick

so technically ... more »
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i run a slammed seat but for someone with a high seat all you'd have to do is tuck up with your bike further forward and your seat up between your legs rather than under your ass

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not so much facebook or social networking, but mark webb just happened to turn up at a skatepark me and some friends were riding, really chilled guy. he was filming for 'the webbie show' so he was riding hard, it was pretty sick tbh

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yeah you can do that, just be careful when you're taking the bearings out and put them on something clean