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What is your actual budget? I have a fit mac 20.875 (signature frame) raw Lhd With demolition enerson cranks. Odyssey twisted pc G sport rib cage laced to raptor Lhd in the rear. Bird cage laced to Anti gram up front. Superstar guard sprocket. Kink pivotal ... more »

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That's fucking insane. Looks gorgeous. I don't know if it is to be trusted, but certainly worthy of the model name WTF

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no but he knows u are from MI. lol

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^ this. x1000 I'm riding animal big fours and a front load because summer is over. I don't have enough outside time to worry about my back hurting after riding all day like I do in the summer so the big boys are off and the little guy is on there and ... more »

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Yeah! Get fucked up! Have fun! ride bikes! Make friends! everyone else can take their faggoty little "athletics" back to the locker room and circle jerk with the other jocks.

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This is so funny And has so Much potential. Plz Keep up with this!

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I would Offer 430 for it.

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The ones with 20" wheels are most dope.

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Metrit pc or twisted pc with Vans half cabs.

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^of those The fit Mac 2 is prolly The best bike in The pricerange.

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this bike is so fucking sick. makes me wanna shotgun some beers and crank some rollins and shred with you.

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thats gonna be a dope set up! madera makes great quality hubs.

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also, @ OP, why you got your bike set up to grind oppo? you are natural to keep your pegs on the left and your drive side right. and then you dont need to worry as much about guards for sprocket and driver. is it just me or is lff and pegs right a weird ... more »

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never "needed" hub guards but run 'em now so that the resale/ trade value of my hubs stays high. they are a nicety but if like i lost some or broke them i would still grind everything in my path until new ones came... so yeah turn down the suck boys ... more »

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THE OBSCURA IS A SERIOUSLY DOPE FUCKING FRAME. Its definitely the next frame i get.

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you had better not be lying about the linoG's being back this week or next. My hopes are so fucking high now.

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Lacey is such a beast. I really hope Animal makes a huge comeback.

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Full chrome is fucking dope. always has been always will be.

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Make a list of shit you are gonna work on. It can be leArning new tricks, re leArning Old ones, or dialing those ones that always seem to TaKe a few tries. I am way more productive And have more fun when i Set little goals for solo rides. It can be something ... more »

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Flow sponsorships are so dope