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LHD only Looking for both front and back. Will only buy both at a time. Will consider both free coasters and cassettes. I have budget to buy new ones but prefer something slightly used. Post what you got

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^quitting sjating to ride BMx has been the best decision of my life to date. The entire world is better on a bike.

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You guys are gettinh rad! I was so Stoked to see you land that handrail at the end! I was waiting for you guys to post it since I watched it after Maximus told me a bout it! Solid edit! Looks like you guys had a blast, As far as constructive criticism, ... more »

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Honestly, it's up to us. The older crowd. To show these little niglettes what bmx is about. And honestly we don't have to shit on everyone to do it. It's up to us to encourage everyone from The kids on Walmart hyper bikes to the kids to the kids with ... more »

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I watch almost every edit posted. Throw that shit togetherz and post it

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Tony hawk is best bmx

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I like the way the raw rusts

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I could 360 before I learned 180s. In fact, my half cabs are still fucking atrocious. Ride more often. Ride parks or ledges. If you don't have much to ride around you, build a 16" high box that's 8ft long and 18" wide. You can learn most of the basic ... more »

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You got that shit. Just like actually jump and It'll work out for you. Yeah, like, charge at that curb and send that shit up it.

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I'm a mini ramp beast. I'll play skate vs anyone on a 4-6 ft mini ramp. Other wise i don't skate at all. I love to skate mini ramps while I'm smoking a cigarette though

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So rad. I really dig your steez on that up the stairs into manny into 180 down the the stairs.

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scott christison


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^you might as well send him to class in a tutu and tap dancing shoes. There are way less expensive ways for your son to get bullied by the other boys.

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^savannah has a good scene. And Atlanta is good too.

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You won't regret bmx. It's more fun than scooting.

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A shorter chain stay set up helps me get into the balance point easier but practice is what keeps me there.

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More than light bike co. Will ever make.

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This exactly.

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Details are important as fuck.