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Something is blown up inside. It could be bearings, it could also be something that's crushed causing it to bind up. Take a look at this video we made to understand how a freecoaster works, that will give you some idea of what could be going wrong. The ... more »

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Yeah like the guys said, you want to land on both tires, or back tire first. Taking a look at that pic, I would recommend pulling your bars back a little bit, they are pretty far forward. Try them closer to straight up and down. This may help get your ... more »

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Most people would go for the 21".

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Just a little bit more maneuverable, doesn't feel cramped compared to my 20.75". I really only ride street though, if I was building a bike for riding ramps I would probably have stuck with 20.75".

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20.75" would probably be perfect & you would also be fine on 21". I wouldn't recommend going any bigger. I'm 5'9" and normally ride 20.75" but went down to 20.5" on my newest frame, so really you've got a wide range of size options at your height. ... more »

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I did physio for a separated shoulder and it was really good. They taught me some exercises to do to strengthen it and that's really what helped. Took a couple months to get my should back to strength again though.

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We made this video on how to maintain a freecoaster. The Primo hub will be very similar to this one:

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Size chart from Redline that's pretty helpful: Basically, at 6 you probably want to see if he can fit on a Mini, especially since it's a Christmas present and he may be growing a bit before he gets to race. I wouldn't worry too much about crank ... more »

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20.5" is not too small, especially for a beginner. I'd just pick the one you like the most. The Endeavour seems pretty similar to the Premise but does have some upgraded parts like cranks, tires and a few other bits that will save you money in the long ... more »

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Brick hips like that are decent. Would love to find one out in the wild one day.

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Look over your shoulder and spot your landing, you'll make the full rotation.

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You need to use a punch and hammer to get them out. Generally, unless you are really careful, and they were installed properly using lots of grease, you're going to destroy them when you take them out. We sell mid BB bearings for $20 (bearings only) ... more »

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They were all awesome. My vote would be for Van Homan, then Dennis Enarson.

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Switch is when you spin or throw your non-natural way. A spin out of a grind is considered hard when your back tire is spinning towards the ledge / rail, making it well.. hard. Easy is the opposite, your back tire is moving away from the ledge. Switch ... more »

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At 5 you're definitely looking at a 16" it could even be a little big depending on his size and confidence with it. If you're looking to get him in to racing, BMX race bikes are different. He would either be riding a Micro or a Mini depending again on ... more »

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Ahh good call, didn't read that carefully enough. If there's a new spring and ball you're right the axle doesn't need to be replaced.

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It's likely that your clutch is worn on the inside from the ball bearings it's riding on. You definitely do not want to degrease anything. Try replacing the clutch, and if possible the axle as well. Then repack with a lot of fresh grease and it should ... more »

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You're a beginner, I wouldn't worry about it. Just find a frame that you like and you'll be fine. There's not a huge difference between 75-75.5.

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GSport Uniguard will work and comes in 10mm. It just sits outside your frame. Another option is something like the S&M Cymbal DS guard. This will sit on the 14 mm part of your axle, you will just need to add an adapter to the 10mm bolt so that it ... more »

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That's not going to protect your spokes. I think that's just a BS piece of plastic that's supposed to stop your derailleur from running in to your spokes on a cheap mtb or road bike. In my experience, when most people are blowing a lot of spokes it's ... more »