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Ya this was incredible. Always enjoy watching CK ride, he's one of the greats!

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Yeah, I think the main idea is that it is with a 24mm spindle they are able to get it more hollow, saving weight while actually increasing strength at the same time. We've sold quite a few of the Fit 24mm cranks and I don't remember any of them coming ... more »

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I have experience with both the Odyssey and the Demolition and they are both quite good. The Odyssey is definitely a very light rim so if you're hard on things maybe just keep it on the front. We have a couple Kink Orions in the shop and they look super

... more »
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We've sold a couple Clutches through the shop, and so far I'm quite impressed with them. I sold one specifically to one of my customers who had to come in at least twice a month to replace bearings in his KHE style coasters. He's going to be the real ... more »

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You are an experienced rider. Most people will bend a 3/8" male front axle when learning to grind. It happens, but then you move on and buy a better hub or wheel!

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I didn't notice too much difference going from 75 to 75.5 and back. Whenever I ride a buddies bike with a steep fork though I notice right away.

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Post some pictures!!!!

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Is this actually a real bike, or are you trolling? If it is real, pics please.

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No reason why you can't check out both? If you have a good local shop, they should let you ride a few bikes to see how they feel. You can also hop on that bike at Sport Chek and see if you notice a difference. With that in mind, I bet the bike out of ... more »

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I checked Colony's Canadian distributor for you and the Roaster Bars are well-stocked. Your local shop could definitely order them for you or we could. They actually hooked us up with a set for our last jam that we organized here. They are a gloss black, ... more »

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Better high pressure tires will make it go faster. 1.95 or 2.10 wide. Also you can step up the gearing to 28 T or 30 T at the most. Besides that there's not much you can do.

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You're drunk Brayden. Go home.

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Yeah. We spend about an hour per wheel. This includes pre-stressing your wheel and re-truing 3 times to make it as strong as humanly possible as well as Spoke Freeze thread locker to help hold your spokes tight.

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I don't think it's fair to compare Mike Hucker to the average rider haha.

I'm sure Mike Hucker could still ride trails on a fixed gear hub, doesn't mean its a great idea. ... more »
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$50 is fair. We charge $60-$90 (Canadian dollars) depending on how complicated of a build. Extra if we have to build custom wheels. When building a bike there's a big difference between putting it together, and building it to be as strong as possible. ... more »

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I've sold them to a couple taller customers that were 6' 4" +. They both liked them a lot. Feedback I got was that you definitely want to have a good stem to clamp them down tight. With such big bars, you get a ton of leverage, especially if you're a ... more »

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Use a light oil, not grease. Grease can gum up and cause your pawls to stick.

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You will ride it for 20 minutes and then not really notice the change after that. If you ride 4 pegs and a short backend, 165s just give you a bit more room. It's not going to make a major difference to your riding, but it's nice for clearance and still ... more »

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We still have some Eastern small parts too if you're desperate. I have that driver in unsealed as well as pawls and springs and some other stuff. Would be a bit more to ship from Canada, but with the strong US $ it might not be so bad.

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Just wait and try and find a relatively new bike that is as stock as possible. If you don't know exactly what to look for, your best bet is to find a complete from someone who just bought it, and never really got in to riding and is deciding to sell ... more »