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Get them and let us know how they hold up!

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I think a lot of companies are jumping to 24 mm as they can increase the strength of the spindle over a 19 mm while not really adding much weight because the spindles themselves are very hollow. Is it a game changer? Probably not, but this new generation ... more »

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The Rachet bolt is a cool idea. Less chance of stripping and one less tool!

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Just wanted to point out that the Cremator has a 21" top tube frame, and the Heist has a 20.8" top tube so they are better for taller riders. How tall are you bud? Also how old are you? The most important part when buying your first BMX is to make sure ... more »

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The cold won't do much, but you need to be careful of moisture, especially once it starts to warm up to avoid rust. Your bike will definitely be happier if you can keep it inside somewhere dry, but if not possible the garage is much better than outside! ... more »

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It sounds like you have an issue with your chain alignment. Take a close look at how your sprocket lines up with your driver, you want them to be lined up as straight as possible. It is possible that you will need to add or remove a spacer on your crank ... more »

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I would recommend a 20.75" frame for your height. You can still ride a 21" frame, but it may feel a little bit long. Choose a frame with a rear end length for your riding style. Like the others have said a shorter back end, typically 13.4 or less, will ... more »

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We're a Ten Pack dealer now, so starting in the spring we will be bringing in a lot of their brands including Demolition. We have to pick and choose what we bring in first though as right now the shops pretty packed with all the brands that we have. ... more »

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I'm pretty sure those bearings are just 6802s which are pretty common. If you take a close look at the bearings they will have a four digit number that you can identify them with. If your driver is old though, it may be worth replacing the whole thing. ... more »

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The S&M front cymbal guard is a great universal hub guard. You can also check out a GSPORT gland if you are on a tight budget!

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Ya you could definitely put pegs on it, but it's not really built for someone who is more grind focused.

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With this -->
& a rubber mallet

or if you don't want to buy a tool, some kind of punch should work with hammer if you are careful.
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I really like the way that the 2014 KL 40 Expert rides. It is very well balanced and seems quite a bit nicer than the 2013 model. Keep it mind that United designed the KL 40 series for smoother riding styles, which generally means no pegs. Also, it is ... more »

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We set one of these up and it is a ton of fun. Well made Chromoly construction and good quality skis. When you get on it, your bike feels instantly familiar and it doesn't take long to start hitting little jumps. I wish they could get the price down ... more »

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Very good entry level complete bike. Depends how tall you are though, as it has a 20.25" top tube so it is the smaller size offered in Fit's entry level completes. If you are 5' 3" or less I would say it's going to be a pretty good bike, if you are 5' ... more »

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Hub Guards are awesome. Especially the S&M cymbal guards. Not only do they protect your hubs, they also make grinding easier as the shape of the guards themselves helps lock you in to your grinds. Also they are made from chromoly so they slide great ... more »

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Don't sweat it man, just ride and have fun and it will come in time. You are definitely not too tall to ride BMX, but you want to be on a full size 21" frame bicycle for sure. When learning your bunny hops remember it's just a combination of two moves.

... more »
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Well if your chain is just making a grinding noise it's just because it's a new chain, after it wears in to your hub and sprocket the noise will lessen and hopefully go away.

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Best tip I ever got was that you have to accept that you need to land at the same angle as you take off. Don't think of it the same as a 180 on flat, you need to pivot over your shoulder and land front tire first.