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We've had a couple guys around here riding them with no problems but it is a new hub so it's hard to say at this point. I figure after this season we'll have enough feedback to really know how the Ezra holds up. It seems like a well built hub though. ... more »

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The brake plate should work. It would definitely be better to get a fork with front brake mounts, but the brake plate is an inexpensive way to find out if you will like having front brakes. Brake-wise, the Odyssey Evo 2s will work, or a Diatech Hombre ... more »

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Cool, where did you hear that?

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If you're going to switch your frame, I would do that first. Ride it for a bit, and then decide if you want to switch your bars because the new frame is going to feel way different. I don't think there's any right or wrong answer when it comes to bar ... more »

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Full link chains are the best IMO. They run smoother, are cheaper, and are very strong. If you need some fine adjustment to them you can always add in one half link to make it the same as length as a half link chain. Here's a couple great ones. Strongest ... more »

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Haha. You got to get the big boy tools out every once and a while.

It's really not that bad to do, but like I said, you can mess up your hub if you're not careful so take it to your LBS if in doubt!
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Remove your driver from the hub and take a look in the hub shell for any flat spots. These can be caused by an impact to the hub or driver, and are often caused from grinding without a hub guard. If this is the case, your driver is simply getting caught ... more »

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The Fit Mac 2 comes with stock bars, but they are 100% chromoly, so they are going to be very strong. I would keep them and ride them and see what you think. The Mac is a really well designed bike so I bet you will like the bars quite a bit.

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We've laced Antigram fronts to Hazards Lites with 186mm spokes. Get those.

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If you're looking for strong bars, find a set with larger radius bends and that are made from straight gauge chromoly. Also, check out what kind of warranty the company offers, because a solid company will offer a lifetime warranty on aftermarket bars. ... more »

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For your height, I would recommend a 20.75" Top Tube frame. There are other factors to consider though when you are looking at new frames. If you want to get a frame that will be more responsive, and pull up in to manuals easier, take a look at a frame ... more »