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10mm and 3/8" is the same on a bicycle - it may not be the exact same measurement but on bikes it is used interchangeably. You should look for a 3/8 or 10 mm bolt with a 24tpi thread pitch. The only hubs I've come across that don't use this size so far ... more »

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Edit: weird... posted in wrong thread.

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Had this happen before setting up EVO 2s on a different frame. We ended up swapping for the Kink Desist brake and it worked great because it doesn't have those two parts at the top of the arms to run in to one another. I'm sure even a lot of other brakes ... more »

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You don't need taller bars. Aren't you like 18 years old? If you have a sore back with 10" bars, you need yoga, or to start going to the gym. I don't think taller bars will help. + yoga / gym babes

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Open it up, clean it, add lots of new grease, put it back together. If that doesn't fix it, replace your headset.

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Ya, exactly the same.

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They aren't fully matte or glossy. In between the two.

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Thanks! Yes, just nice and snug like a cassette.

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Yeah I'm going to try and keep stuff flowing this summer. Riding videos from the team but also shop content.

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Good idea thanks man

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I don't think you can go wrong with either - they seem very similar and both are very tough.

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I know a rider who is over 50 who got in to riding pretty recently. He's incredibly fit though so I'm sure that's a big help.

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Hey everyone - Sam and I shot a video today on how to maintain a KHE style BMX Freecoaster. Check it out and let me know what you think. If you've got any more ideas for maintenance videos you'd like to see let us know!

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Hoder's are made by ODI using the soft compound found in the Longneck SLs (the flangeless ones). If you're used to the Longneck STs (ones with a flange), those are made with a harder compound and will last longer. They take longer to break however in ... more »

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Just bring the hub and rim to your local bike shop to have it built up. They will be able to measure it up and figure out what size spokes to use. If they can not do this, you need to find another shop!

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So what happened? Did you fix it? If not here's what you should do: 1. Bring the frame back to your local shop, have them determine that this is actually the problem and see if they can fix it without modifying the dropouts. 2. If it can't be fixed, ... more »

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Great frame, they seem to last forever too. I would also check out the United Region if you're in to a brakeless frame. It has very similar geo to the Mothership with a taller standover that's pretty cool. We could get either out to you with free shipping ... more »

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Looks like a Cinema 777 complete rim. If it's a rear wheel, it's probably double wall, if it's a front it's probably single wall. You can find this out by looking through the valve hole and seeing the inner part of the rim. It should also be pinned. ... more »

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Take your axle out and measure it. It is likely that another axle will fit. You will just need to get measurements of all the different sections of it.

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It's simply a manner of holding the axle still while turning the cone nut counter clock wise. If the axle is drilled out so you can put an Allen key inside do this to hold it still. If this is not an option, try tightening the other side of the axle ... more »