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Primo Samsquanch are the best bars ever. I've snapped 2 other bars and these have held up for 3 years. I heard people talking crap about the primo tall boys, but the Samsquanches are different. Best bars and you should get them! Also, I don't care if ... more »

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Hey man. Few questions. If you still run the Ezra freecoaster, do you do a lot of grinds, heavy hits or anything super crazy? I'm thinking about getting it and Idk because I ride 4 pegs and love to grind like everyday. Also, have you tried the cassette side? Like switching it over?

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It's real! Check out Fit right now

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Idk about you guys, but I've had my bmx tactics for 2 years and I ride some pretty hard core street. they feel amazing and last forever, there my best biking shoes.

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cult is sick! you guys needa stop baggin on cult they made it look like this on purpose. its just suppose to be clean and simple and thats what they did

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