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DK’s tony watkinson is pretty dialled, he is in fact, dialled enough to come out with a decent video in 20 minutes before he has to fly home.

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when u goin up skaterham next

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hahaha, yes i have a 'thing' for the rider. i just thought it was about time someone like josh got a bit of recognition for their riding.x

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one of my best friends making a bunch of skateparks look as if they are his local in the south of england, josh has never followed trends or fashions, always has done his own thing, which has made him so creative and loads of fun to be around, josh has al

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such a moving song, personally im not really into this kind of music, but the music didn't matter, the lyrics and the message were so powerful i could listen for days.
stay strong steven.

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chase davidson had a really good vid, props man.

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