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New thread not so great way to end the day 10/31/2009 4:09 AM

well i just finished a good day of riding, started riding home when i realised i forgot my wallet, no big deal i thought and started riding back. but when i got there all there was left were my cards thrown on the ground. its amazing that after only ... more »

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New thread annoying little kids 4/25/2008 12:47 AM

how many times have u been asked by little kids if they can ride ur bike?

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New thread my bike got stolen 4/16/2008 10:40 PM

my bike got stolen and i will probably need a new frame what do u think will suit me better out of Sunday- S&M L.A.F- Hoffman BAMA- i ride street most of the time but sumtimes i ride dirt at my mates house

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