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That makes sense. I'm a little shorter than you and my cranks are usually 175 also. I want to play around with pegs eventually, so I may be experimenting with shorter cranks in the future, too. I can already see myself walking up some steeper hills.

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Brimson, that track does look amazing. Is it as smooth as it looks in the picture? If so I imagine it must be a hell of a fun ride. You are making me want to get back to the track even more now. I haven't been yet this year between covid closures, the

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That's one way to get your greens in.

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Nice build. I like the frame. Very clean look. The cranks seem short for your height. Do you prefer that size or do you plan to run pegs?

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Odyssey twisted pros and skate shoes did great for me last season, and the price is pretty reasonable. I’m hoping to get back to racing soon this season, but Covid has made registration and stuff weird. If the weather holds up I’m going to try to get ... more »

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Grass fed meat is definitely great if you don’t mind paying a little more. I use table salt because it has iodine. Supposedly it’s hard to get enough of it and a lot of sea salts and such are not iodized. I do keep the portions small though. A little ... more »

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I’ve had my eye on the 30 yr anniversary Hoffmans supposed to be coming out later this year. Old school looks and modern geo. Pretty cool if you’re into that sort of thing. The condor really caught my eye. I’m not even necessarily in the market for a ... more »

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Going to have to try these now. Safari's have been my go to for the most part the past few years. Odyssey twisted pro's are good. I used them on my race bike last year. Plenty big and nice bite for plastic.

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I like bulletpup's idea of finding a way to set yourself up with front brakes. That would be fun if nothing else, and may end up being your best option if you end up not having the space for rear brakes. My frame also does not have holes or any provisions

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I put a mission bb in a Hoffman dirt merchant frame a few years ago with Redline flight cranks. It was an easy install and worked great. The bb was basically just mid bearings with cups to adapt to the american shell size. You can get different size ... more »

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Another option would be a brake adapter plate. My 24 inch dirt jump bike (which is more or less a slightly scaled up bmx) has a v brake adapter plate that clamps on the seat stays. Previous owner installed it and put a couple hose clamps around the seat ... more »

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Right on man. That pretty well sums it up. You have to eat to grow, as they say. I used weight lifting to help myself recover from some injuries and kept at it as kind of a hobby. It's fun and I'm stronger and healthier than I was when I started. I also ... more »

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One of my work buddies that I occasionally ride and lift weights with got lyme disease some time back. It gave him a rough way to go, but he has been working hard and thankfully seems to have regained a lot of his fitness. It was a long road for him ... more »

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You certainly are right about bikes and parts getting harder to find. I've still been having decent luck finding what I need for parts, albeit at higher prices than normal sometimes. Like you say, if only we had all known. Hopefully if nothing else a

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Like the others say, I would be more worried about someone taking the bike from the car than what people at work might think. I worked a district courthouse one year and would laugh to myself at how out of place my car looked in the lot. It was like, ... more »

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Thanks guys. Spent a few minutes yesterday practicing bunnyhops over an old skateboard. Tried a couple manuals, but then got chased inside by some rain. I'll get after it some more tonight. It felt good to be on the bmx and I want to get in the habit ... more »

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I wonder if to some extent the big back tire on the motorcycles is for looks as much as anything else. The back tire has always been a little bigger than the front, and needs to be for reasons mentioned above, but bikes over the last 30, and especially ... more »

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Nice build. I like those bars. I know 4 piece bars aren't everyone's favorite, but I like the way those T1's look.

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Haven't been on the forum much lately, but I have to say this thread has been a great read. Gave me the inspiration I needed to finish putting my Fit VHS back together. I'm looking forward now to giving the road bike some rest and getting some time in ... more »

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Yeah, not much of a racing scene here. I started last year. Hadn't really done it before. I had been doing some trail riding and thought the track looked fun. I showed up for a practice just for the hell of it and got hooked. I'm 32, but we have a lot ... more »