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If I’m paying it will be cardboard. Can’t get blood from a turnip.

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Might as well just go for the titanium while you’re at it.

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I may be missing something here. Having a little trouble following, but I read it as flatland is dangerous and not for old guys, racing and dirt jumping are safe, and grinding rails will break your leg?
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That makes good sense. You have a realistic budget and definitely shouldn't have trouble finding a bike that will work great for you. The biggest obstacle you have right now, as you already know, is inventory shortage. I think something like a Kink Whip ... more »

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I like WTP bikes, but I wouldn't ride an arcade. Those Hi ten parts and single wall rims won't hold up under the weight of a grown adult. Even if you aren't doing anything crazy, you are occasionally going to land a little awkward and subject the bike ... more »

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I would give it a little time. If you are set on a complete there are a lot of good ones out there. Production is just lagging due to COVID. I would hope it will step back up this year and there should be a lot more variety as the year goes on. I'm not ... more »

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Sorry bout your friend. That's both sad and inspiring at the same time. I think the shop is a cool idea, though I can't say for sure it's a viable business idea or not. Coffee shops seem to do well around my way. Most of them are the franchise variety, ... more »

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I bought this Oxbridge frame back when Source had them marked down a bunch. I had been looking for a frame with a high BB, medium-steep HTA, and slightly longer back end. I wanted something that would be reasonably at home on trails, track, park, street

... more »

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Inspiring build man. Good on you fixing this frame and not just sending it off to scrap, and great work on the build.

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I'm always alone these days. I have come to enjoy the quiet time and doing my own thing. Also it seems like when you're with a group there's always that one person that has to be an idiot on everyone else's behalf. When I'm by myself I stay low key and ... more »

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Is that the one that uses a spring for a straddle cable? If so perhaps try flipping the spring over. I can't think what else would make it be so far off center if the wheel is in straight. Only other thing I can think of is if you left a washer out or ... more »

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I line mine up close to the top tube, maybe a little flatter and leave it be from there. It's comfortable there and I don't really give it much thought once I set it where I like it. I bought a one piece non adjustable deal from Shadow a couple years ... more »

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You all got me convinced on giving the manual machine a try. I keep telling myself I'm just going to go outside and ride more, but then it snows again. We probably got a good month to go before the weather gets any better, so why not.

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I do like this one. What's the name of it? I wanted to watch it again and the link went away. Nevermind, I googled it. "Stay Flow"

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I red, but I like green better.

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Hey man, how are you holding up? Hope you are coming along okay with your leg. Stop in the forum here and give us a shout one day.

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Lol, I'm guessing he meant aluminum foil is what he has/ can afford. Sandblasting is awesome, but it uses a lot of air. Don't expect to get it done with your little 110v compressor from Pep boys.

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Couple interesting thoughts there, especially about the lateral balance. I'm going to try the false grip thing next time I go out to ride.

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This is a fun thread. I just picked up a set of BSD substance cranks in raw. They'll be the shortest I've used at 165. I'm looking forward to see how they feel on the bike. Didn't absolutely need a sprocket, but couldn't help myself when I saw this one

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The sun made an appearance for a while yesterday and the cold weather let up a little, so I took advantage and went for a spin on the old mid school. Just cruised around mostly. Hit a couple manuals and hopped some little stuff, which is pretty much

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