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Yup, I’ve always trued my wheels on the bike. I use the brake pads on the back or a wire tie on the fork.

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Thanks man. I just need the rain to go away now so I can get our and ride.

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Good buy on the Trust. Some really nice components on that one. Be curious to see the paint outside in good light.

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My VHS is finally assembled with some new parts. I'm happy so far with how it turned out. I'll get better pics when I get the energy to get my lazy ass off the back porch.

Fit VHS Frame 21" TT T1 Salt City bars FSA headset ... more »

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Y'all aren't alone. 24's do seem to be less common, but I've seen a decent few out and about. Mine gets used for racing more than cruising, but usually still gets ridden once a week or so. It came with 6" Haro bars as pictured below. It was a less than

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Fortyseven, it does pay to keep ahead on maintenance. Sounds like you have a pretty squared away setup. I was doing an easy going little driveway session on the old Aitken today and broke a chain. Lucky for me it happened while I was at home, so I just

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I know this feeling all too well. We got saturated this year. Of course now the weather is nice and I can’t help injuring myself. Trying to restrict myself to cruising and not getting overzealous for a bit, but it’s just hard to find the restraint. Might ... more »

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Also, nobody who’s spent any time in the bmx world will give you any grief over using a variety of parts and mixing brands. It’s part of customizing your bike to suit your preference. This is why you seldom see two bmx bikes that look the same. It’s ... more »

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That’s a pretty common place for having pain. I get sore there sometimes. Usually I attribute it to going overboard with pulling exercises in my workouts, but I could see where riding could cause it as well. It’s not fun to do, but rolling on a lacrosse ... more »

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Good info here. Hadn’t heard of some of these. And I’ll peon whatever I want.

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Got any indoor places with a foam pit around you? If so that’d be the ticket for learning with less risk. I’ve never made a serious attempt at a tailwhip, much less landed one so not much specific advice I can offer there. Regarding being 23 and riding ... more »

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I’m just about the same as you, Dan. 5-11 here also. All my frames are/ have been 21 except my race frame which is 21.25. The race frame is comfortable on the dirt, but would be just a little long for anything else.

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You cleaned that thing up nice. Came out real cool looking. Should make a fun ride for someone.

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^That’s some cool looking concrete work there. Place looks really fun.

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Dave, resistance training really helps, and I think is the thing that has ultimately kept me going over the years. I have a knee that tends to swell up any time it gets hit, but luckily is still mobile enough to do squats and the like. I think there ... more »

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I wouldn't necessarily take it as hostility, nor being specifically aimed toward you. If a bunch of people buy multiples of the same part, then it will impact the availability of it. I wouldn't think there are people doing that, but I also didn't think ... more »

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I'll go along with you there for the most part, especially on the toilet paper. You have idiots filling entire closets, or whatever they are doing with it. It does seem there is a shortage of a lot of bikes and parts, though. It looks like even the completes ... more »

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I wonder if this might just be part of the deal with aluminum frames. I never owned one until about a month ago. I bought a chase race frame to take some of the work load off my old Gt. It freaks me out a little because for one it doesn’t flex, like ... more »

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I was going to say the bars MJ is referring to sound like race bars. I’ve been spending a good number of hours on my race bike lately and my current bars are 6 back 4 up, 8.5 rise. They feel good, but I’m riding on dirt. Not the same as street and park. ... more »

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Got a pic or specs on your champion? That would help us know what specs you are looking for. If by height you are referring to standover, newer bmx’s aren’t really meant for sit down pedaling. That’s not to say you can’t raise the seat when you are just ... more »