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I got some Pro Tec elbow pads that I have been really happy with. I have been wearing them almost any time I ride lately. They are slim enough not to be in my way, but actually do soak up a little bit of a hit. I slipped a pedal and crashed at the track ... more »

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Ouch, man. I can't laugh at you, though, as I know the feeling. I'm usually pretty good about getting my feet down when I loop out of a manual, but the other night I slipped on wet asphalt and down I went. Hurt my ass and got myself all wet. No more ... more »

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The brakes on the 20" won't likely reach an 18" rim. The crank length would also be something to consider. Jmz313 is more knowledgeable than me on the subject, so I'd wait for his input to make a final decision. If the 20" is too big as it is, though, ... more »

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You'll be fine. If you have worn out old tires it would pay to track down some new ones if you can get them in time. That aside, 25/9 and whatever bike you have is absolutely fine for getting started in racing. The competition of racing has definitely ... more »

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Some tracks have loaner/ rental bikes. This way he can get on them and do some riding and you will be able to get a good idea exactly what size he needs. If you can find something used, as long as it isn't too small, or way too big, I imagine you can ... more »

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Thanks man. My issue with the pictures was I just couldn't find a way to show how awesome that dirt park is. There are also miles of trails as it is part of a state park, and I want to check them out, but even when I go there on the mtb, I start out ... more »

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There was a 25 year old guy walking on a tightrope… Across a deep river gorge while half way around the world another 25 year old guy was getting a blow job from a 70 year old woman. BUT at the exact same moment both men were thinking the exact same ... more »

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I think you are correct about the tubing. HREW, CREW (hot/ cold roll electric weld), which have a welded seam vs DOM (drawn over mandrel). To the best of my recollection, which isn't worth a lot, DOM is more expensive, can be made thinner than welded ... more »

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^That's pretty wild. I never would have thought to do that. Definitely would make some of the big jumps less intimidating. OP, just try it when you are already having a good day. If you can get it done on the mtb, you'll be able to get it done on anything ... more »

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Spent some time in the dirt park on the way home from work this morning. Had the place mostly to myself. I've hardly been there at all this year between covid closing it down and rain saturating us most of the summer. I'm a little rusty with jumping.

... more »
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Good to see you back on the bike. Your riding vids are great and I hope you keep them coming. That said, don't rush yourself back into anything. The skill doesn't go away. It's like riding a bike.

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Funny timing, I just finally made it out to my first race of the year yesterday. Riding an old GT frame from the 90s. I’m not fast, but I made it to the main and had fun. racing and freestyle are obviously different, but there are skills the translate ... more »

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A little bit of missing/scuffed up paint wouldn’t bug me. Just shows the bike gets ridden. I hate rust though. I’d probably end up sanding and touching it up like cky199 says.

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Overall, I think it looks a lot better assembled than I thought it would just looking at the bare frame. It’s different, so objective accomplished I guess. It’s just a quick spray deal, no primer or clear. When it gets too beat to hell, I’ll do something

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Apologies in advance if this post is all jacked up. Not at home and using my phone. I bought some new parts for my VHS, and wanted to do something with the take off parts. I had this old aitken frame laying around for years and been wanting to do something

... more »

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Might be a second bike, but you got all the right stuff on your list there. Seriously quality build.

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Nice man. It's amazing how much the wind can hold you back. I figure that's just part of being close to the water, though. Around here the roads just suck for riding on. They are either like highways and have a tiny shoulder or back roads with blind

... more »
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I'm sure some others will chime in, but for what it's worth, my experience has been that it happens often and doesn't seem to be an issue.

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Do you mean dented on the sidewall? If so I always do that to my rear rims. Never had any issue arise from it. I've never bothered to try, but you could probably straighten it with a crescent wrench. You would have to be careful not to smash the lip ... more »

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Brimson, that's an awesome photo. Reminds me of rides I used to take. Where I live now we are pretty close to the water, but unfortunately very little of it is accessible by bike.