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I think throwing your bike/having a tantrum needs to be put into a greater what is the motivation for doing either (not a justification as they both make you look like an asshole). For example, I can’t imagine losing my shit because I ... more »

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Nice update! It’s funny what you say about the LHD cranks thing. I am a huge fan of Thunderbolts but hate how they are drive-side specific. I always look for LHD hubs but could only find an my Thunderbolts have to go on my other ride.

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Thinking the same thing. Tried to zoom in on the photos but couldn’t really tell. Either way it looks dope

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So, I thought about the Chicago thing and decided to try bars that were inline with the fork. The primary driver for this was my focus over the winter on manuals. Just came back from a sesh and found my manuals were actually much more dialed considering

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I used to have the Cyan Ribcages (believe those are painted though). I thought I would like them but the Cyan blue was just too loud for me. I was hoping that they were more muted like the Tarheel Blue Merritts Battles.

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If this is a public speaking assignment, try to relate to the people in the class...unless it’s a room full of BMXers you might have people checking their phones within 20 seconds if you start talking about parts. Trying to relate a story about overcoming ... more »

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The last time (and only time) I threw my bike as an adult was maybe two years ago. I looped out and landed directly on my back with the bike on top of I threw the bike off of me. But I didn’t just throw it off, I tantrumed it off of me. As soon ... more »

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S&M Fit Federal Fiend Eclat Primo GSport Odyssey Shadow BSD

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TBH I’ve never been there. I work up by Allentown area (Coopersburg), but haven’t actually been to “the office” since last January. I live close to 422 between shady Pottstown and shady Reading, so it’s kind of a haul to get up there now. When things ... more »

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I actually mark my bars/stem so I don’t go past vertical...but I’ve always just ridden that way, even as a kid. Have tried moving them in line with the fork in the past couple years cause I think it looks better, but just don’t like the feel. I’ve seen ... more »

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Nah, I think Primo is still pretty dope. Love my Rebars and the Turbo pedals are comfy and big as hell.

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I don’t know why certain looks just do it for me, but I love the arched seat stay bridge on this. It’s not too flashy, but is both functional and stylish. Nice job!

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Haha, yeah I absolutely hate the look of going Chicago, but has just always felt right for me. No idea why

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Thanks man!

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If you’re an older guy, then your time to ride is probably at a premium (just saying with job, etc). That being said, use some of that time to practice bailing. It’s not fun, but at least will give you confidence to try new things without worried about ... more »

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Was jacked up to build this. Really wanted a short chainstay frame. My other ride is a trans purple Whammo: +13” CS, male freecoaster, pegs...this whip is a real contrast to that. Always rocked more industrial looking bikes, so I went back to the basics

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My advice would be to prioritize your problems: mastering the composition of a comprehensive sentence would add impact to the 90s-era “yo mama” joke. Without this it all falls flat. Then perhaps practice the joke (like in front of a mirror) to see if ... more »

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Riding bike without the seat...seen it at a show in Berlin. Not as hot as it sounds

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The only thing worse than looking like an asshole and wrecking yourself is having (even well-meaning ) observers drawing attention. When I was in the Marines, my buddies and I would joke about the three essential rules during patrols: 1. Always try to ... more »

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Clean, clean, clean my dude. Love the to see a cassette on a “street” frame.