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Reply to Streaming Ideas 4/14/2021 9:30 PM

Thx man, will check it out. I’m actually scrolling thru Netflix now and seeing all of the series that I watched but just forgot about in my list...and now I feel sad that I have watched all this shit.

New thread Streaming Ideas 4/14/2021 8:17 PM

I’ve been working from home for over a year now. Based on my work I am up LATE due to time zones. After my family goes to bed I workout (cold weather) or ride (nice weather) and then come inside to do work. I always have a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime series ... more »

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Reply to ISO: S&M Whammo V1 or V2 4/14/2021 7:57 PM

Sure man. Good luck snagging one. Normally, I would see someone looking and see an opportunity to sell...but not my Whammo. I have formed an emotional attachment to it already. BTW, I’ve had both the V1 and V2. The V2 is an improvement IMO and definitely ... more »

Reply to Rawing a factory coat 4/14/2021 7:45 PM

I wouldn’t feel too bad about the frame being rattle canned (so long as you didn’t pay MSRP...which I doubt). Powder coating is cheap and you can match almost any color (the guy I go to charges $15 for forks/bars and $30 for frame). Powder coat later ... more »

Reply to ISO: S&M Whammo V1 or V2 4/14/2021 7:13 PM

Hey man, not sure if you are willing to buy new but CheapGoods BMX is now selling Tallboys. I have a Whammo V2 and the TallBoy V2 is almost identical, except for the stand over (even has the Fu-Man seat stay bridge). Colors available are gloss raw, gold, ... more »

Reply to anyone else ride their bars high, what are the pro's con's? 4/14/2021 2:19 PM

Totally right. There are so many factors besides bar rise that contribute to the overall feel. TBH, both of my handlebars when standing next to them touch approximately the same spot on my hip my subjective measurement is: my bar height ends ... more »

Reply to anyone else ride their bars high, what are the pro's con's? 4/14/2021 12:27 PM

How high is high? I think that the bar rise is a really limited reference point. On my mixtape I am running a 9.25 on R25s with a cut steerer tube. Even though it is not super “high” it feels a little bit taller than my Whammo setup with 9.5 Rebars on ... more »

Reply to Freecoaster buyers remorse 4/13/2021 6:33 PM

Rode my coaster feel really torn. Fast squeaky sliders feel really good.

Reply to The “I got parts today” thread! 4/13/2021 6:30 PM

Looks really good. My daughter has been begging to powder coat her frame in mint green. Pretty sure if you left your garage open she would ride off with that.

Reply to BMX shortage of parts 4/12/2021 2:56 PM

Thought this was the most relevant thread to add...looks like BSD Revolution hubs are back in stock on their website.

Reply to half link trouble 4/11/2021 10:17 PM

RAD’s correct, the Shadow chain doesn’t have a master link, more like a master pin. The Eclat Stroke was the same way. Here is a pic of the master pin on a shadow:

Reply to half link trouble 4/11/2021 9:31 PM

What kind of half link? I only have experience with the Shadow half link and the Eclat half link. The Shadow one is pretty easy to find (really shiny mushroomed pin vs black Matt pins). The Eclat Stroke was a little bit tougher to find.

Reply to N4FL/Flangeless Lacing 4/11/2021 6:42 PM

Found a link that answered my question. Thx!

Reply to N4FL/Flangeless Lacing 4/11/2021 6:11 PM

Thanks man. I should have been a little more clear about assembly...really I just mean stages of lacing. Do you put all the spokes in at once when you first lace, or do you lace in stages like a regular flanged hub?

New thread N4FL/Flangeless Lacing 4/11/2021 5:41 PM

Got a Primo Remix/N4FL Hubset in a trade. Tried to (unsuccessfully) find YouTube videos on this and have a few questions: 1. I’ve read that this was originally designed for 4-cross lacing...really? Any reason why? 2. I’m really comfortable with lacing/hub ... more »

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Reply to Freecoaster buyers remorse 4/11/2021 2:30 PM

Will do. Will probably want to hang on to for a little while as I do like to switch things up every now and then

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I have a client in Sydney that loves Ferraris. He always has red Ferraris, but he hates red. The only reason he chooses that color is that a red Ferrari is always in demand and is easier to resell when he wants a newer model.

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Get it! FYI...the most profitable items on a part out are the hubs and cranks. The have the highest ratio of revenue to shipping cost.

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Reply to Selling 101 4/10/2021 4:50 PM

Just looked up BMX in OfferUp for LA (used 90210 as the zip). If I was younger (high school age) I would only need ~$300 to start my own business: 1. Buy west coast completes locally where the product is flooding the market 2. Disassembling and parting ... more »