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Reply to Looking for a new frame, need recommendations 4/20/2021 11:18 AM

S&M favorite frame

Reply to Wheel set value assessment 4/20/2021 9:39 AM

Yep. I couldn’t see the front hub too well, but the back does look like an Antigram. If you can get away with buying just the wheels how much would he sell them for? If you can get the wheels for $100 (low-ball offer but if the whole bike is $280....). ... more »

Reply to Odyssey Clutch V2 Freecoaster Maintenance 4/19/2021 9:26 PM

Generally, I found the Odyssey clutch is pretty easy to maintain...except getting the c-clip off of the non drive side is a bitch. Odyssey actually has good YouTube disassembly/assembly vids as well. They also did a really good job with providing an ... more »

Reply to Dutch Shout Out: Paul’s Boutique 4/19/2021 6:17 PM

Needed a new seat to replace my now-haggard Primo Biscuit (corduroy does not hold up well). Just bought a new seat from Paul’s: Federal 2 For Joy

Reply to Tattoos 4/19/2021 6:08 PM

Only have two tattoos that I got in my early twenties. Definitely don’t regret them but they are probably the most played out tattoos out there: 1. Bulldog with horns and USMC (old English text) on my right shoulder 2. My then-girlfriend’s name (we’ve ... more »

Reply to Cult crew freecoaster wheel question 4/19/2021 5:47 PM

Got it. Wasn’t sure if you are just super into Cult or if you were on a budget. If $230 is your threshold, it may make sense to also check sites that have standing discount codes. Cheap Goods BMX is located in SoCal and has a standing 8% off orders. ... more »

Reply to Cult crew freecoaster wheel question 4/19/2021 3:44 PM

Any reason why you’re choosing the Cult FC wheel? I have never owned one, but you can get a Primo Balance FC laced to their VS rim on their website for $260. Benefits: 1. True female (17mm) axle 2. Super easy to disassemble/maintain 3. You can adjust ... more »

Reply to ATF/BSD 2021 low-key build 4/19/2021 1:26 PM

How are the Phantom tires? I just shredded my Speedballs and need to replace. What PSI you running them at?

Reply to My frameless build 4/19/2021 1:24 PM

The photo looks totally legit. I smell sales opportunity a la the Emperors New Clothes

Reply to The "I went riding today" -thread 4/19/2021 10:04 AM

Had 30 minutes to ride between meetings and thought I’d just ride down to the basketball court and do some spins/180s to test out the Primo Turquoise hub set. Only rode for about 10 minutes before my rear tire was rubbing so hard on the frame that it ... more »

Reply to Streaming Ideas 4/19/2021 9:58 AM

Guys, thanks for the ideas! Just to clarify, I only seem to stream shows late at no get while I’m working. I say this because I almost exclusively look for TV-MA shows because my daughter is in bed and I actually can watch things that aren’t PG or PG-13. ... more »

Reply to what spoke length is this 4/18/2021 4:02 PM

Was getting the impression they weren’t jokes...just dark glimpses of a conversation that should have been between him and his therapist

Reply to Cult clothing drop 4/17/2021 3:17 PM

Not really a Cult guy, but the cash grab tee and hoodie look pretty fly

Reply to N4FL/Flangeless Lacing 4/17/2021 6:52 AM

To tell you the truth I was considering filming and posting...but this was my first flangeless. If I was videoing, I think 75% of the time would be me trying to figure it out with the balance of the time valuable instruction. I take apart and reassemble ... more »

Reply to N4FL/Flangeless Lacing 4/16/2021 11:04 PM

Update: lacing was more challenging than a flanged hub, but definitely not rocket science. The biggest thing is twisting the hub after only the first nine spokes instead of after the first 18. Used 3-cross.

... more »
Reply to S&M Tallboys 4/16/2021 11:59 AM

I’ve never purchased malt liquor under the impression that I would be imbibing a classy beverage. If I was slamming OE, I was completely at peace with my trashy side.

Reply to Best bmx cassette hubs under 150 list price or on sale right now 4/16/2021 11:55 AM

Good point, often any savings is completely negated by the high shipping cost. I bought a frame there once and 15% off sounds really sweet until they charge $30 shipping. Might as well have bought it somewhere closer that has free shipping over $100. ... more »

Reply to S&M Tallboys 4/16/2021 9:19 AM

Love me some grenades

Reply to S&M Tallboys 4/16/2021 5:29 AM

In high school my buddies and I just saw some Dre/Snoop video and thought it’d be cool to roll up to a party with 40s of OE800. Super efficient way to get that early buzz, but... 1. Carrying big glass bottles around during a crowded house party is a ... more »

Reply to Best bmx cassette hubs under 150 list price or on sale right now 4/15/2021 11:00 PM

Never had any experience with it, but saw a BSD BackStreet Pro at Oriol on sale for $ you can take 15% off with the discount code at the top of the page.