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Fly 3 amigos With all my old parts shaved 2.5 pds off Demo m5 sprocket Animal piffs Shadow fl Shadow seat Stock post Odsy bak weel Sun rhynolyte front Dk chopstik cranks Dk 4 pack stock forks Odsy pcs 24.5 pds

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You have had on a bike

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Shut up tanner no ur not

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Today I was Ridin ad did a line and slipped my pedal fuckin took a shit load of skin off I may need some stitces ... But anyway I was puttin pcs on and I got one onn and couldn't get the other off so I was bummed then of course I found my shin pads and ... more »

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I think it should be legalized as long as u don't take ur high out on someone or somethin like drivin. It's like drinkin. Ur allowed to drink whenever just don't put anyone else in harm... Oh tanner can I come over??ha

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My bikes like twentie six but I'm a big guy for fouteen like five ten. one sixty so.. But I like em a little on the heavier side for better control don't get me wrong tho it would be good to get down to like twntio three tho

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My fly sprocket is bent so I'm gonna ride a medusa lt is it that bad

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ok so i should be gettin new forkss soon but i know the rts are good but how are the others??

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funny but fn nayystieee

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lol and u said u were gettin plastics on another post

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nut huggers rule shoe lace belts are sweet spechally if u broke animal glh tire is great mix cassette is great too what the hells u talkin bout lol

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reed park mesa az so nice yet so ghetto i love it

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ok that sounds cool but im lookin for a little something more... anythin else and do you know where staply jr high . mountain view high. or poston jr is???

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